Streamer FaZe Swagg Accidentally Supports Warzone Hacker

Streamer FaZe Swagg unknowingly made a contribution to a Warzone hacker whilst attempting to support a small streamer.

FaZe Swagg's Unfortunate Encounter with a Cheater on Warzone

FaZe Swagg's intents to support a less recognized Warzone streamer took an unexpected turn when he ended up inadvertently promoting a hacker.

A Commitment to Strengthening the Warzone Community

Renowned streamer and competitor, FaZe Swagg is known for his initiatives to bolster the Warzone community. He resumed such efforts on August 22 through hosting a $100,000 Warzone tournament that involved content creators and athletes. He also included a $5,000 open qualifier to provide a chance for everyday players to participate.

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His efforts to strengthen Warzone's competitive scene seemed fruitful as around 30,000 viewers tuned into his tournament. Owing to the lack of Call of Duty League action, Warzone content creators seized this opportunity to amplify their community.

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Support from Activision

Video game publisher Activision further boosted the efforts by creating a CDL vs Warzone tournament with an aim to merge both fan bases and attract new battle royale fans. Swagg attempted to encourage new community members in his own way, but his plan didn’t go exactly as he expected.

A Failed Attempt for Support

During an incident, Swagg decided to support a smaller Warzone content creator by donating $50. Regrettably, the streamer turned out to be a cheater who loaded the game with active cheats. This revelation caught Swagg by surprise as he reportedly exclaimed, “His sh*t is popping up and showing on stream. Bro, he was cheating!”

The Revelation

Originally, Swagg’s donation was intended as a goodwill gesture when he got knocked out by an enemy during a match. However, upon rewatching the clip, he discovered that the streamer had been using cheats all along.

This event has taken Swagg aback who added after watching the evidence, “He was cheating, what the fu**, he was, I knew it.” Swagg’s unpleasant experience with his investment indicates a need for extra caution when choosing streamers for promotion.

Anti-Cheat Efforts

Fortunately, game developers have added new features to Modern Warfare 3’s Ricochet anti-cheat system. It is hoped that such efforts will effectively curb cheating issues moving forward.

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