OpTic Gaming’s Shotzzy Predicts Modern Warfare 3 Will Revolutionize Warzone

Call of Duty League player Shotzzy predicts the upcoming instalment of the Modern Warfare series will revive and revolutionize the popular Warzone gameplay.

OpTic Gaming’s Role in the Imminent Arrival of Modern Warfare 3

Shotzzy, the Call of Duty League star from OpTic Gaming, expressed confidence in the imminent arrival of Modern Warfare 3. He affirmed that this new series would revitalize Warzone gaming, aiding in restoring its peak performance.

The Mystery of Warzone's Future Reveal

The future of Warzone games in Modern Warfare 3 remains enveloped in uncertainty. Unofficial leaks have hinted at the exciting launch of a brand new battle royale map named Las Almas, which is set to release on December 1. This release date intriguingly aligns with the conjectured start of Season 1 in the gaming year.

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During the Gamescom 2023, Sledgehammer Games unveiled an initial look at the Campaign gameplay of the highly anticipated series. In an unexpected turn of events, a brief segment of the non-linear campaign missions unexpectedly leaked part of the new Warzone map.

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Anticipation for Developer Announcements

Only when the developers unveil their planned features for Modern Warfare 3's Warzone during COD Next in October can the legitimacy of the current rumors be tested. Shotzzy, interested in this twilight whispers, has full faith in Sledgehammer Games' ability to deliver a high-quality unforgettable battle royale experience.


Shotzzy’s Confidence in Modern Warfare 3 Warzone

Shotzzy expressed confidence in Warzone's promising future in a clip posted on the OpTic Audio Network TikTok. "I do feel like Warzone is going to be back though," he stated, adding that he would continue to play Warzone after practice, emphasizing its similarity to the 2019 Warzone. "That's literally how it’s going to be."

Prospects for CDL Pros

According to Scump, the period until the release of Modern Warfare 3 Ranked Play provides an ideal opportunity for CDL pros to familiarize themselves with Warzone games. Shotzzy affirmed this concept enthusiastically, indicating his full commitment to playing the Warzone regularly.

Both OpTic Gaming members remained secretive about their sources and would not divulge exhaustive details about what to expect from the upcoming Warzone. However, their commendation conveys the high-quality excitement and expectations from fans and followers of the game.

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