Modern Warfare 3 Reveals Improved Mantling Speed in New Footage

Modern Warfare 3 has unveiled footage displaying the game's improved mantling speed and remakes of all 16 MW2 (2009) map. Players express their thoughts.

Sledgehammer Games presents footage and images of 16 MW2 (2009) map remakes in Modern Warfare 3 (MW3), and the boosted mantling speed is already making headlines.

Sledgehammer Games is spear-heading Modern Warfare 3 and has stirred interest by attending to previously requested community features. First, the classic mini-map is making a comeback, which means players' locations will be disclosed when they fire an unsuppressed weapon. Also, following grievances about the speed of multiplayer TTK, the developers have slowed it down by increasing players' base health to 150.

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In MW3, the power is back in the hands of the players, allowing them to decide which map they get to play in multiplayer. Not only that, but the developers have also committed to significant changes in movements, including the reintroduction of slide and reload cancelling, as well as fast-paced movement.

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Positive Reception for modern warfare 3's speed boost

Despite doubts surrounding the promised changes in movement, the community's skepticism dissolved once they got the chance to try Modern Warfare 3. The game left a positive impression as it rolled out glimpses of its enhanced mantling system, with the developers assuring it's only going to get better from here.

Sledgehammer Games displayed footage of MW2 (2009) maps in Modern Warfare 3. In the preview of the Highrise remake, we see an operator rushing across the map, mantling to spots that were previously inaccessible. The faster sprinting and mantling speeds are visually striking.

The actions and movements in the new game seemed to resonate positively among Modern Warfare 3 players. One player expressed their enthusiasm, "Thank you for making the movement and mantling a lot faster." This was immediately followed by Sledgehammer Games responding, "Movement feels even better than it looks."

Other community members equally shared the excitement after witnessing the revamped and improved movements. One player shared, "Fast mantle. That’s promising. Can’t wait to see what the aim down sight and sprint to fire looks like." Another added, "This structure looks so good… the movement looks so smooth." Nonetheless, there were concerns over players now being able to jump into new locations. A comment reads, "As an OG MW2 player, mantling on new things, I may not know how I feel about it right now, but I’m willing to adapt."

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The new and improved Modern Warfare 3 movement will first be seen in action at the upcoming 'Call of Duty Next' event.