Modern Warfare 3's Patch Unleashes Powerful LMG

In-depth review of the recent buff applied to several weapons including the Light Machine Gun (LMG) in the surprise patch for Modern Warfare 3. The article highlights the transformations made creating newer, better weapons.

Modern Warfare 3, the popular shooter video game, recently experienced a surprising game patch that saw quite a few weapons given upgrades, or buffs as it's commonly referred to in gaming. Some weapons were nerfed, meaning they were toned down, and a handful went through a complete transformation.

The Light Machine Gun (LMG) was one of those lucky few to undergo a complete rework, turning it into one of the best weapons currently in the MW3 arsenal. This unexpected transformation took many players by surprise.

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The company behind Modern Warfare 3, Sledgehammer Games, initially updated the game for Season 2 on February 7. However, barely a week later, on February 13, they released another surprise patch that significantly shook up the weapon balance in the game.

Modern Warfare 3

Unlike minor bug fixes and adjustments that most patches bring, this update came bearing several significant weapon rebalances. Notably, the Striker 9, Longbow, and WSP Stinger received some buffs.

Surprisingly, it wasn't these boosted weapons that garnered the most attention. An LMG, previously an underwhelming choice for most players, received a buff that has significantly changed its performance in multiplayer games and even in the Warzone mode of the game.

Transforming LMG Into a Top-Tier Weapon

The surprise patch gave TAQ Evolvere, a previously overlooked LMG, a massive makeover. This transformation has fundamentally changed how the LMG functions, dramatically increasing its utility and effectiveness in battles.

The rework of the weapon applied to its default ammunition and 5.56 Belt conversions. This overhaul affected its operation in the Warzone match and also significantly boosted the LMG's position in the multiplayer game meta.

The upgrade to the weapon brought a radical change to its performance rating, with both beginners and pro players quick to take notice and test its capabilities. The TAQ Evolvere was transformed into a top performer, breaking into the multiplayer meta.

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The TAQ Evolvere, now a contender for the best weapon, has not just a new look but a completely upgraded asset base.

Changes to TAQ Evolvere

The patch increased the 5.56 Belt's movement speed benefit by 16%. It added a 40% hipfire spread reduction benefit, increased aim down sight time by 15%, and boosted the aim down sight movement speed by 17%. The weapon's rate of fire increased to 857rpm as well.

However, the patch also reduced the maximum damage from 34 to 30, representing a 12% decrease, and medium damage fell from 30 to 24, a 20% reduction. However, the damage multipliers for head, neck, and upper-torso increased from 1.1x to 1.2x, an increment of 9%.

The result of these changes sees the TAQ Evolvere become a quick, maneuverable, and powerful machine gun. It's particularly deadly over medium to short distances. Its Time-To-Kill (TTK) in its maximum damage range is a meager 210 milliseconds, making it the fastest automatic weapon in MW3.

Though the weapon does still have a rather slow Aim Down Sight speed, its improved walking aim, increased precision of hip-fire, and faster firing speed gives it an edge when used correctly.

Impact of the Rework

This rework has not gone unnoticed in the gaming community. As of February 16, the TAQ Evolvere was the fourth most used gun in MW3 with a 7.16% usage rate. This places the LMG behind only the SVA 545, WSP-9, and MCW.

These statistics indicate how the surprise patch transformed the gaming meta and how players reacted to it. It also underscores the continued commitment from Sledgehammer Games to consistently refine and balance Modern Warfare 3.

This improvement to the TAQ Evolvere has dramatically rejuvenated the gaming experience for fans of MW3, and it serves as a testament to the dynamic nature of game development and competitiveness.

As Sledgehammer Games continues to refine and improve the Modern Warfare 3 experience, players can look forward to further developments and surprises. Happy gaming!