Mike Grzesiek Expresses Dislike for Call of Duty Warzone

Streaming celebrity Mike 'shroud' Grzesiek openly critiques Call of Duty Warzone, expressing a preference for games like Halo.

Mike ‘shroud’ Grzesiek's Opinion on Battle Royale Games

Streaming star Mike ‘shroud’ Grzesiek has labeled Call of Duty Warzone as a “monstrous” game. He freely expressed his preference to play other games like Halo, although his fondness for Halo isn't great either.

Grzesiek's Dominance on Twitch

As battle royale titles started gaining popularity on platforms like Twitch, a massive number of viewers would tune in to watch Grzesiek. The former Counter-Strike star was juggling dominance on Twitch with his esports career, showcasing proficiency in both fields.

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After stepping back from competitive esports, Grzesiek remained a major player in the battle royale scene. He demonstrated mastery over a variety of games ranging from PUBG to Fortnite, Warzone, and Cuisine Royale.

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Grzesiek's Withdrawal from Call of Duty Warzone

However, Grzesiek has announced his withdrawal from Call of Duty or Warzone for now, citing too much 'nonsense' affecting the game – especially for those playing with a mouse and keyboard.

Grzesiek explained his decision saying, 'It’s just CoD, brother. I’m not a fan of the point-and-click. CoD just needs a little bit more depth for me to really enjoy it, you know? And by that, I mean like depth when shooting a gun.'

He elaborated on his point, branding the game as a 'monstrosity' and a 'plague' for mouse and keyboard players. Grzesiek pointed out the in-game issue of screen clutter, making it practically impossible for players to see what they are shooting at, which further complicates mouse and keyboard play.

The former Counter-Strike star also noted that controller players have an unfair advantage as their aim assist cuts through the excessive amount of 'visual clutter' that appears on-screen in-game nowadays.

Grzesiek concluded that he’d rather go play Halo, despite not being a big fan of Halo games either, due to their 'shooting loop'. Thus, viewers should not expect him to play either game during his streams.

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