IceManIsaac Calls Developers To Handle Skill Rating Exploit in Warzone Ranked Play

YouTuber IceManIsaac highlights an exploit in Warzone Ranked Play that enables players to gain Skill Rating without any repercussion.

IceManIsaac Calls Out Glitch in Warzone's Ranked Play

In a recent development, well-known YouTuber IceManIsaac has called on the game devs to deal with a glitch that permits players to accumulate complimentary Skill Rating without any repercussion in Warzone’s Ranked Play.

A Trajectory of Success and a Cheating Problem

Following substantial success with Modern Warfare 2 Ranked Play, Treyarch then used the same formula to Warzone. By Season 3, Ranked Play had emerged as the first competitive mode of its kind for the battle royale sequel. As in multiplayer, players begin in the Bronze Division and earn Skill Rating (SR) points to ascend through seven assorted divisions before finally securing a sought-after spot in the top 250. Players earn SR based on placement, kills, assists, and kills by their team.

The Decline in Popularity of Modern Warfare 3
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Nevertheless, leveling up got even tougher due to a deployment fee deduction from a player's SR before starting every match. This fee escalates as a player reaches higher divisions. Regrettably, some alleged cheaters purportedly uncovered a way to circumvent losing their SR, culminating in undeserved top 250 spots.

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Anomalies in Season 5 Leaderboard

By analyzing the top 250 leaderboard offered by WZ Ranked, IceManIsaac stated that there is a major cheating issue in Warzone Ranked Play. He scrutinized the previous match history of some of the mode’s highest-ranked players. The YouTuber disclosed that top players conventionally reached about 30,000 SR at the close of a season. However, shockingly, some players in Season 5 have already accumulated over 65,000 SR with several weeks still left prior to a reset.

While it’s easier to earn SR than before due to scoring higher placement points and a lower entry fee, IceManIsaac alleged that something was unusual. He noted that when players close a Warzone game using the Alt+F4 command, they don’t lose their SR. IceManIsaac stated: 'People will force close their game the moment they lose, preventing them from losing SR. People are manipulating the system to get more SR for free.'

IceManIsaac then pulled up match facts on WZ Ranked to point out that some player's had gained SR from as many as 28 consecutive matches. He emphasized several instances of top 250 players deliberately closing their game on live streams the moment they perished. This SR gains exploitation poses a problem since players are rewarded at the end of every season based on their finishing division. Thus, some players could potentially be missing out on unique weapon skins and operator camos if these cheating allegations prove to be valid.