Toxic Gaming Practices Rampant in League of Legends

An examination of the prevalent gaming issues within the popular game - League of Legends.

A League of Legends player recently took the toxicity of the gaming environment to a new height by running several deranking accounts without facing any penalties.

League of Legends is renowned for its somewhat hostile player base. No matter the gaming rank, players frequently come across other contenders hurling unimaginable insults. This practice is pretty normal within the virtual battlefield of Summoner's Rift.

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Moreover, deliberate feeding and grieving have also become commonplace, particularly in ranked matches that put players' ranks on the line. In response to these concerns, Riot has elevated steps to tackle these problems, injecting new reporting options and stricter penalties for unapologetic players.

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Nevertheless, there's an urgent need for the entire reporting system of the game to be revamped. In a recent thread, a player who intentionally sabotages games had been exposed, staggering the gaming community with their flagrant attitudes while playing 24 hours live.

The player's audacity has led to shock among the community as they have set up multiple accounts simultaneously, clicking randomly around the screen to prevent disconnection. These actions reveal a high degree of calculated audacity with no regard for the gaming community's experience.

The user, as discussed, was protesting against chat and ping changes by unveiling their intentions in the video game lobby. Confirmation of deliberate trolling was their signature phrase, 'In short: Riot bad, dodge or lose.'

Their audacious behavior extended so far that they were inviting viewers to 'join the Turing test' during the streams. This behavior notably surfaced during pro player Sneaky's gaming session.

Tyler1, a popular Draven player, has acknowledged this disruptive player, labeling them as 'an actual AI player'. Even after a streak of 24 losses with disappointing KDA, the player in question has managed to evade the banning system.

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Attempt to dodge sanctions took a drastic turn when the player went as far as creating multiple accounts, continuously livestreaming their disruptive gameplay without any repercussions. Their audacious acts unfolded live for everyone to see.

The gaming community expressed concerns, with one user commenting, “This guy is insane, but it’s also nuts that he doesn't get instant permabans or ranked restrictions.” Other players also shared frustration, questioning how the disrupter remains in Emerald Elo.

Several players shared their unfortunate experiences, having had this distruptive player on their team. Interestingly, all of them experienced match loses. One user claimed, “He ruined my game... Dia (Diamond) 2 EUW. Will take a break from the main account, that was too tilting.”

The community saga reminds us once again of how toxic gameplay and players exploiting the system can ruin the overall experience for others, thereby necessitating more stringent checks and balances.

While efforts by game developers like Riot, introducing features like reporting and punishment tools, are commendable, the incident indicates there's still room for improvement to make the gaming environment more friendly and enjoyable.