The Debate Over League of Legends Rankings Grows More Intense

The player sentiments towards ranking progression in the popular eSport game, League of Legends, stir up an intense debate and criticism.

The topic of rankings in the massively popular eSport game, League of Legends, has sparked a heated debate in the community. Critics argue that the current system lacks transparency, whereas supporters claim it to be a test of skill, perseverance and dedication.

System of Climbing

Many players have expressed their dissatisfaction with the game's current climbing system, referring to it as 'terrible'. The general sentiment is that the system doesn't reward players adequately for their time and effort spent in climbing the ranking ladder. They argue that a game as complex as League of Legends should have a more multi-dimensional ranking system that accounts for individual efforts more accurately.

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Players’ Perspective

Players believe that the mechanism tends to favor luck more than it recognizes skill, exertion, and time contributed by the players. They mention experiences where despite putting in hours of gameplay, they weren't able to progress or climb in their ranks. This has led to growing dissatisfaction and demotivation among players, which could potentially affect player retention in the long run.

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An Intense Debate

The debate on this subject has grown more intense with many players sharing their frustrations and concerns on various platforms. Some suggest solutions such as developing a more nuanced point system that rewards individual players based on performance. Others recommend changes in loss penalties and game mode structure. However, until major changes are implemented, the controversy over the climbing system in League of Legends is set to continue.