T1's Turnaround in the LCK Challengers League

Comprehensive article on how T1's LCK Challengers League team has turned things around, elevating their game with the help of player Rekkles who plays ADC Champions.

In recent weeks, one team in the LCK Challengers League has shown a significant turnaround. That team is none other than T1. Their rise can be attributed to a rather straight forward strategy - putting Rekkles, a top-tier player on ADC champions.

It's become evident to followers of the league that allowing Senna to play against Rekkles is a poor strategy. T1's LCK Challengers ADC Smash doesn't seem to mind playing some unorthodox picks alongside Rekkles. This type of partnership allows Rekkles to dominate as the carry, a tactic that has paid dividends for the team.

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Rekkles's skill with ADC, proven with Ashe, Varus and Senna, has not diminished despite his role change. He continues to succeed in the league, and this might be what has turned T1's fortunes around.


However, there's a rising question about the sustainability of this strategy. With T1's consistent wins, it seems like relying heavily on Rekkles is effective. But, if the strategy is built heavily on him getting Senna, can the same result be achieved if he was to get Ashe?

Role Swap Doesn't Hamper Rekkles's Performance

Rekkles is well-known for his knack for Enchanters, an attribute he carried while he was still an ADC player in the LEC. He, in particular, is famous for his Janna play on the solo queue ladder. This veteran player has shown a keen interest in taking his wealth of experience and applying it to the support role.

That being said, the path hasn't been completely smooth for T1's Challengers team. They had a rocky start with a delay in securing their first win. It was a difficult period, even though Rekkles was playing at a top level.

Things have since taken a positive turn for the team. Many of T1's winning games in the Challengers League have been as a result of Rekkles taking the bull by the horns.

Rekkles currently boasts the highest KDA in the LCK CL, despite the team's 3-5 record. The team has recently celebrated two consecutive series wins. It seems the team, building on these successes, aims to be among the top contenders within the League.

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Rekkles Embracing ADCs and Enchanters More Often

The upsurge in T1's win rate can also be attributed to Rekkles frequently playing ADCs and Enchanters. The team seems to require him to take on a significant role from the backline. His skills with engage-focused tank champions have delivered decent results, but it's clear the team relies on his deeper involvement.

Senna has become a champion of first-pick worth for the team, contributing greatly to Rekkles's high KDA. Even though Ashe has not been played by him as extensively yet, the little experiences on her have been advantageous for the team.

Some concerns have been expressed about whether Rekkles's playstyle might end up handicapping the team's growth. There is a suggestion that perhaps Rekkles should practice more on engage champions during the regular season.

The challenge for T1 is balancing between winning matches in the short term and fostering the growth of a squad that isn't overly reliant on Rekkles's powered plays. It's anticipated by many to see how the team can maintain its winning streak without the backing of Rekkles.