Statikk Shiv to be Removed in Pre-Season for League of Legends

A significant modification is coming to the popular online video game League of Legends in the pre-season as the Statikk Shiv item will reportedly be taken out of the game.

League of Legends Pre-Season Changes: The Removal of Statikk Shiv

League of Legends, one of the most popular Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) games, is set to undergo considerable changes in its pre-season period. The game developers have hinted at a planned removal of the high quality item known as 'Statikk Shiv' from the game. This news is seen as something that will impact the gaming strategies of numerous players worldwide who enjoy the fast paced and challenging nature of these games.

Statikk Shiv's Role in the Online Gaming World

Crafted from a Kircheis Shard and a Zeal, the Statikk Shiv has been a popular item in the game for its unique passive ability that allows the players' attacks to carry chain lightning. This special feature has enabled players to hit up to five targets in the game and deal 120 magic damage each (this could also critically strike). Moreover, the item also provides the champions with an enhanced gaming movement speed and critical strike chance.

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The Impact of the Removal in the Gaming Strategies

The removal of Statikk Shiv will bring a significant change in gameplay strategies for many players, precisely those who capitalize on the item's unique abilities. This crucial development in the gaming world signals a shift in the future strategies of players and requires them to improvise and adapt their gaming techniques.

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Response from the Online Gaming Community

Despite the game developers not offering comments regarding the change yet, players of this popular game have already commenced discussing its effects among the gaming community. Some gamers feel that this modification is a positive step towards maintaining the balance in the game. They view the Statikk Shiv as an overly powerful object that could disproportionately influence the game results. However, others in the gaming community have expressed concerns over how this removal will affect their existing gaming strategies.

Anticipated Future Developments in the Games

Statikk Shiv's removal is a valid reminder of the dynamic nature of the online gaming world, particularly games like League of Legends, with developers incessantly striving to ensure a balanced and enthralling gaming experience for the players. Even with such a significant change, players are eagerly looking forward to more updates and alterations within the game's mechanics and item pool. This change signifies the continuous development and high quality that defines this popular game, and serves as a testament to its sustainability and popularity in the gaming world.