Riot Games to Expand League of Legends in Middle East and North Africa

Riot Games has announced expansion plans for the popular game League of Legends in the MENA region, with added Arabic localization for a better gaming experience.

Riot Games recently declared their intention to broaden the horizon of League of Legends in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region. The expansion includes introducing Arabic localization to the game, benefiting the multi-million player base in the area.

This move comes in response to the overwhelming popularity of the game in the region. Riot plans to improve the gameplay experience for players in the MENA region, who have traditionally not received as much support as players in more established regions. The goal is to ensure players in this area receive the same quality of service as their counterparts in other parts of the world.

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Riot Games will also bring their popular games Team Fight Tactics (TFT) and League of Legends to the Esports World Cup. Notably, the production or management of the event will not involve Riot or LoL Esports, as they are purely participants. This outline contributes to the growth of gaming culture in the region.

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In 2018, Riot opened an office in Dubai to enhance the publishing work. Despite this, they admit to falling short in delivering the ideal player experience for League of Legends in the MENA region. They aim to rectify this with the upcoming expansion and improvements.

In 2019, Riot promised to localize League of Legends in Arabic for players in the MENA region. Despite the delay, the company reaffirms their commitment to this promise and plans to turn it into reality this summer, greatly improving gameplay for Arabic-speaking players.

Rewards for patience will soon be visible to all players in the region. The team faced some technical challenges in localizing the game such as reworking game interfaces for right-to-left reading. Even with these challenges, Riot assures players that they are close to fulfilling their promise.

While excited about League of Legends and TFT being included in the EWC, Riot is aware that this announcement raises questions. The company's regional goal remains to make deliberate decisions that will enhance player experiences globally.

Their decision to participate in the EWC follows careful consideration. Riot contemplated its duty to explore marketing and commercial opportunities for esports teams and players, as well as assessing this event's potential impact on the MENA region’s players.

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Following the rollercoaster of 2020, the gaming world looks eagerly towards 2021, with great anticipation for the developments in esports and the gaming world at large. Expansion and localization in new regions like the MENA region point towards the continual growth of the industry.

Riot’s efforts signal their intent to create an inclusive, global platform where everyone can enjoy their games. They have demonstrated that they consider the feelings, experiences, and expectations of their players while making business decisions.

Arabic localization is undeniably a significant step towards growing Riot Games’ presence in the MENA region. It is also a substantial benefit for the local players as it makes the gaming experience more immersive and comfortable for them.

By making this move, Riot Games has set a precedent that other global gaming companies can follow. They have displayed how to maneuver global markets while retaining empathy for their customer base.

Participation in the Esports World Cup can also be seen as a commitment from Riot to support an international esport environment. This not only provides international recognition to the company but also creates more opportunities for players around the globe.

Despite the challenges in the path of localization such as text formatting for right-to-left reading, Riot Games has shown a strong determination to overcome these hurdles. They have reaffirmed that an immersive player experience is more important than minor technical setbacks.

The growth of gaming in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region is a positive sign for the gaming industry, as it indicates a broader market and potential for future growth.

Ultimately, with these efforts, Riot Games shows that they are not just a gaming company; they are a community that values players and aims to serve them better, regardless of geography or language. This respect for diversity is what will propel them to greater heights in the industry.