Riot Games Plans Major Overhaul to League of Legends' Mythic Item System in Season 14

League of Legends' Mythic item system is due for a comprehensive overhaul in Season 14, as announced by developers, Riot Games. The changes promise a 'return to form', according to a large section of the game's player base.

As Season 13 of League of Legends nears its end, developers Riot Games have revealed future plans that could significantly impact the game. Perhaps the most noteworthy change is the complete revamp of the Mythic item system set to kick off from Season 14.

What to Expect in Season 14

Launched in Season 11, the Mythic items were designed to augment a champion’s power fantasy by allowing players, per game, to possess a maximum of one Mythic item that could significantly influence how a champion is played. However, after the conclusion of Season 13, these Mythic items sketched to enhance a champion's power will be completely removed.

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In addition to this, the developers will downsize them across the board, hence, simplifying the entire system. While sounding a bit drastic, the players seem rather pleased with this change in direction, describing it as "a return to form".

Riot Games Plans Major Overhaul to League of Legends

Changes Revel in Positive Reception

Following these changes, many players believe that the game will return to focusing more on the champions instead of leaning heavily on the items. Players admit to enjoying this change, as they had always felt the game had shifted far away from what it once was- focusing on the champions and their interactions above all else.

League of Legends' players seem to be optimistic about the system's impending refurbishments, with comments ranging from players being 'eager to see the changes implemented' to others being 'cautiously optimistic but won't fully acknowledge the changes until midway through the season.'

After Thoughts on the Mythic Changes

All things considered, it would seem the League of Legends community are eagerly awaiting the Mythic system changes in Season 14. However, we won't get to see how these changes play out until the season's preseason commences. But given the scale of these updates, we can be certain that they will have a considerable impact on the popular 14-year-old MOBA game in the upcoming season.