Retracing apaMEN's Last Game In the LJL

Retiring LJL player apaMEN's last tournament wasn't a success, but his heartfelt message to his son won countless fans. Read about his lasting impact on the gaming world.

Ryo ‘apaMEN’ Odagiri, a well-known player in the League of Japan (LJL), came out of retirement under challenging circumstances for his team, Detonation FocusMe. Despite a lack of triumph, he made a lasting impact by delivering touching words to his young son, Mo.

The past year has been challenging for DetonatioN FocusMe. Despite rising above every other team in the LJL, an incident involving their prior top laner, Haruki ‘tol2’ Shibata, caused much turmoil within the team. This was further compounded by the departure of Shunsuke ‘Evi’ Murase, leaving a void in the top lane, filled by apaMEN at the age of 31.

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apaMEN’s reappearance in the gaming world made him quickly become a staple figure in the LJL. Despite having a successful domestic record, his international debut at a prestigious tournament did not bring the desired result. However, it was apaMEN’s parting words to his son that grabbed the attention of gamers and non-gamers alike.

Retracing apaMEN

The message to his son was done in such a heartfelt manner that apaMEN’s narrative became a beautiful story to tell rather than just another tournament result. Let's take a closer look at apaMEN's final international appearance

A Heartfelt Message to Mo

During an interview post his last game, apaMEN was asked if he had something to say to his son. This simple question seemed to lift apaMEN’s temperament, who had been evidently down due to the team's lackluster performance.

Hismessage to his son will certainly find its place in the annals of memorable moments in esports history. Going beyond the realms of gaming, it reached out to the young and old, parents and children, reminding us all of the bond that binds us together.

apaMEN's words to his son Mo were as follows:

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'Son, I don’t know what kind of job you’ll have in the future… But I hope you understand one thing. The results might not have been great, but your dad really stepped onto a big stage and fought with all his might.'

It was like a moment of life and death, just like a person on an airplane flying in the darkness without any sight. But your dad didn’t give up. He poured everything into it and wanted to tell everyone that he faced that moment without shame.'

'Whether you’ll walk the path of esports like your dad or choose a different one, I don’t know. But son, I hope you’ll never give up on what you want to do. I hope you'll find courage in your dad's determination and effort.'

'I love you.'

These words not only displayed apaMEN’s undying spirit but also became a poignant reminder of the growth of esports. The growth can be gauged by the fact that gamers are now mature enough to have their own children and showcase such heartwarming and wise words on a global platform.

apaMEN might not have been very famous prior to this incident, but his determination, effort, and love for his child have immortalized him in the world of esports.

Despite his disappointing performance at the tournament, apaMEN's words show a monumental win for him as a person. His message carries the true essence of success – to persist, to strive and never give up, no matter how challenging the circumstance.