Rekkles’ New Journey in T1 Esports

Rekkles, the Swedish pro gamer officially starts a new journey in his career with T1 Esports Academy. This article dives into his transition to T1, his training regimen, and his performance in the South Korean League solo queue.

Known for his relentless determination and enduring zeal, Carl Martin Erik ‘Rekkles’ Larsson has been training diligently in solo queue since his initiation with esports giant T1 in this off-season.

Team Transition: Entering a New Phase

Ever prepared to face new challenges, Rekkles joins T1 Esports Academy this off-season where he is all set to take on the role of a Support player. This is an exciting new journey for Rekkles who has been a dominating ADC player throughout his career.

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This shift in roles was born out of Rekkles’ observation that he had reached a plateau, not advancing any further in his previous ADC position. So, he decided to take a leap of faith, hoping to find growth and fresh opportunities in this new undertaking.

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The Fnatic Episode: A Short-Lived Experience

Despite his commitment to the switch last season, he couldn’t showcase much of his expertise as a support player with Fnatic. He was sidelined from the main team soon after he announced the positional change.

This, however, has not deterred Rekkles from his pursuit of excellence. Now with T1, he has another shot at proving his place in the pro echelon - this time, as a Support in the vibrant South Korean solo queue scene.

Impressive Run in the South Korean League Solo Queue

According to an esports statistics website, Rekkles has been strikingly successful in his South Korean solo queue venture. His stance in the Challenger tier with 1,012 LP ensures he has caught the attention of the esports community. He did this while playing almost exclusively as a Support. His impressive 66% win rate on the account T1 레클레스, which translates to T1 Rekkles, testifies to his potential and prowess in his new role.

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Rekkles commenced his league progression on December 3, starting from the Diamond tier. He managed to quickly climb the ranks of the South Korean leaderboard by employing mostly Janna, while occasionally opting for Senna, Bard, and Ashe.

When we examine his performance with Janna, we find a tremendous KDA rating of 6.56 and a phenomenal 72% win rate. Such stats reaffirm Rekkles’ unwavering dedication and adaptability, even amidst positional transition and server switch.

From Europe to South Korea: A Strategic Move

A well-accepted trend amongst League of Legends pros is migrating to Korean servers for practice. South Korea’s reputation in offering world-class competition makes it a popular destination for teams and players alike, aspiring to improve their gameplay. The country serves as a regular boot-camp location during off-season and prior to international events.

It’s safe to say that Rekkles’ ladder-climbing performance as a support player in South Korea highlights his seamless transition. But only time will tell whether his solo queue brilliance will be reflective of his playing in official matches, given the high calibre of his competitors in the LCK Challenger League.

A Bright Horizon: Promising Outlook for Rekkles

Embracing a new role, new team, and shifting his battleground to a new region, Rekkles takes it all in his stride. As he embarks on this new phase of his professional career, fans and followers hold high expectations to see if Rekkles will create the same magic he spellbound them with during his time as an ADC in Europe.