Record-Breaking Victory of Lee Sang-Hyeok

An in-depth look at Lee 'Faker' Sang-hyeok's triumphant win of the LCK Player of the Year award.

Setting the Stage

Success comes in different forms and in the arena of e-sports, it is often represented in laurels and distinctions. A notable instance of this is Lee Sang-hyeok's winning of the LCK Player of the Year award. Lee, or better known by his in-game handle, 'Faker', is considered a titan in the realm of League of Legends.

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Such an achievement is an evident testament to his sterling gaming career. Achievements and accolades are synonymous with this player; a gamer who has redefined the standards of the game and proved his mettle.

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Climbing to the Top

Starting his professional journey in 2013, Faker immediately made his prowess known. His unique style of play, smart gaming strategies, and his unparalleled mechanical skills were clear indicators of his upcoming success. His gameplay not only awed spectators, but it set a challenging standard for his rivals.

His aptitude, combined with an intense dedication to his craft, examined unique strategies and pushed the boundaries of possibility in gaming. It was no surprise then when Faker began accumulating awards, quickly rising through ranks and earning recognition worldwide.

A Stellar Career

Faker’s journey was not always smooth. Like every player, he has had his share of setbacks and difficulties. Yet it’s his ability to bounce back stronger that truly underscores his quality as a gamer. Despite the challenges, his passion for the game remained unshaken, illustrating the mark of a true champion.

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Through unwavering perseverance, he continued to bolster his gameplay, leading to his victory in the 2013 Korean League of Legends championships.

Claiming the Spotlight

In 2015, Faker bagged 'LoL’s Most Valuable Player' award, further solidifying his dominance. His unerring skills and commendable strategies won him numerous accolades - many considered him a prodigy.

Faker consistently set new benchmarks for others, proving his superior command over the game. His prominence in the League grew and his reputation as a ruthless contender solidified.

The Pinnacle of Success

Then came the historic moment when he bagged the highest honor in the eSports world - 'LCK Player of the Year'. This accolade was validation of his genius and dedication to the game. A hard-earned reward for his passion and perseverance.

This moment marked the apex of Faker’s success. To secure this title was an affirmation of his supremacy in the league.

Relentless Passion

Faker's indomitable spirit was also evident in his relentless pursuit of excellence. Even after hoisting the Player Of The Year trophy, his thirst for victory was not quenched. Winning did not make him complacent, rather, he continued practicing and honing his skills.

His boundless energy and determination to be the best, kept him ahead of his competitors and allowed his gaming skills to flourish at all times.


Today, Faker stands as a testament to hard work and success. One thing is clear - his rise to the top wasn’t an accident; it was the result of constant determination, patience, and a whole lot of skill.

His journey from a vibrant yet innovative newcomer to the reigning champion serves as an adage for upcoming players, signifying that with enough dedication and hard work, they too can reach their zenith.