Preseason Ranked Changes: A Dev Update on League of Legends

Riot Games releases a dev update regarding the upcoming changes to the ranked system for the preseason. The update discusses new matchmaking adjustments, LP changes, and the removal of promotion series.

Riot Games released a new dev update today, providing players with insight into the upcoming changes to the ranked system for the preseason. With the goal of improving competitive matchmaking and creating a more rewarding ranked experience, Riot aims to address several key areas of concern.

One major change coming to the ranked system is the introduction of matchmaking adjustments. These adjustments will ensure players are more likely to be teamed up with others of a similar skill level, leading to more balanced and fair matches. Riot acknowledges the frustration many players feel when matched with teammates below their skill level, and hopes that these adjustments will alleviate some of that frustration.

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In addition to matchmaking adjustments, Riot will also be revamping the LP (League Points) system. The changes aim to reduce the amount of LP gained or lost per game, making climbing the ranked ladder less of a grind. Players who consistently perform well will be rewarded with higher LP gains, while those who struggle may experience less severe LP losses. This change is designed to make the ranked journey feel more fulfilling and less punishing.

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Furthermore, Riot plans to remove promotion series from the ranked system. Currently, players are required to win a series of games to move up to the next division or tier. This system often leads to frustration and a feeling of being stuck when players repeatedly fail to win a promotion series. To improve the overall ranked experience, Riot believes that removing promotion series will reduce stress and allow players to progress more smoothly through the ranks.

The dev update also touches on the issue of smurfing, where high-skilled players create additional accounts to play at lower skill levels. Riot acknowledges that smurfing can negatively impact matchmaking and intends to take steps to combat this issue. While specific measures were not outlined in the update, Riot reassures players that they are actively working on solutions to address the problem.

Overall, these changes to the ranked system demonstrate Riot Games' commitment to providing a more enjoyable ranked experience for League of Legends players. By implementing matchmaking adjustments, revamping the LP system, and removing promotion series, Riot hopes to create a more balanced, rewarding, and less frustrating ranked environment for all players. Stay tuned for further updates and announcements as we approach the preseason.