Players resist buffing new League of Legends champion, Briar, following abysmal initial release

Newly launched League of Legends champion, Briar, suffered one of the lowest win rates in the game's history. However, players are insisting that Riot Games should delay implementing buffs to the character. <html> <body> <p><strong>Briar has had one of the worst releases in the history of League of Legends in terms of win rate, but many players are adamant that the game's developer shouldn't be too quick to buff the champion.</strong></p> <p>The vast majority of League of Legends champions released within the last year or two have come with an incredibly low win rate on launch, largely due to their complexity and how difficult it can be to learn their kits.</p> <h2>League players don't want Briar buffs just yet</h2> <p>It’s not hard to see why many avid League players are wary of buffing Briar before she spends a few days on the live server, there’s precedent for buffs coming a bit too early on new releases.</p> <p>Both Zeri and K’Sante received buffs almost immediately after release due to their generally poor win rate></p> <p>Though it’s possible that Briar may need buffs to push her past a 36% win rate across all ranks and an even lower 32% at Emerald+, League players aren’t exactly begging for changes.</p> <p>“She has an int button on W/Ult, no innate regen, and requires knowing when to pull out of a fight to be effective. Unsurprising she seems so bad for novices.” commented one user, and many agreed with their sentiment.</p> <p>This led others to ask Riot for her not to be buffed considering her kit could wreak havoc with better base numbers.</p> <p>“Do not, do not, do not, I will say it again, DO. NOT. HOTFIX. BUFF. HER. Give it time, let people experiment, let them test it out. After a few weeks, if she still is at a low win rate, maybe do slight buffs. But my god, please do not do the kneejerk reaction you’ve done to many champs in the past.” said one very adamant user.</p> <p>If her win rate stays low over the coming days, there’s no doubt that Briar will get some sort of adjustment. Whether that adjustment can push her closer to the point of balance or push her over the edge remains to be seen.</p> </body> </html>