Meet League's Upcoming Champion Briar: Abilities, Release Date, and More

A comprehensive deep-dive into League of Legends’ newest champion, Briar, detailing his abilities, expected gameplay style, and prospective release date.

The highly acclaimed multiplayer online battle arena video game, League of Legends, introduces its latest champion named 'Briar'. This newest inclusion is bound to bring a fresh wave into the game's dynamic, courtesy of Riot Games.

The mysterious Briar, known as 'the Heart of the Jungle', is a stealthy and fearsome jungler. Expected to be a game-changer, his abilities surely make him a fitting addition to the jungler's role in any team's line-up.

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Briar's abilities include Hidden Bramble, Blooming Burst, and Jungle's Surprise. In Hidden Bramble, Briar embeds himself in terrains using his unique bramble interaction, making him invisible for a brief period while causing damage to enemies in his vicinity. Blooming Burst, on the other hand, allows Briar to explode in sprouts, dealing significant area-of-effect damage. Lastly, Jungle's Surprise enables Briar to summon creatures from the jungle to fight for him, underlining his unique connection with nature.

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Another interesting characteristic of Briar is his in-game leveling system, which appears to be different from that of the other champions. Rather than gaining experience through minion last-hitting, Briar gains 'growth' by being around blooming bushes, supporting the ongoing speculation of a possible jungle-based passive experience gain. This speculation though awaits confirmation from Riot Games.

Expectations are rife that Briar will bring a completely different dimension to the existing gameplay meta, with his stealth and damage output promising some serious implications. Given his unique mechanisms, it seems that the playstyle for Briar would lean towards a careful balance of aggression and tactics.

The exact release date for Briar hasn't been confirmed but a 2023 release could be in the cards. It's to be noted that there has been historically a minimum gap of a month between the reveal and the actual release of a new champion. Thus, we anticipate a release date announcement soon.

This champion’s unveiling marks another significant addition to League of Legends lineup, ensuring the continuous evolution of one of the most consistent and exhilarating gaming experiences in the eSports industry today.

Stay tuned for more updates as we bring you more insights about Briar, the Heart of the Jungle, and his arrival into the League of Legends universe.

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