League of Legends Players Unhappy with Limited Interactions for Newest Champion Briar

Newest League of Legends champion, Briar, arrives with limited interactions, upsetting a section of players

Controversy Shakes the League of Legends Community

Criticism has sparked among League of Legends players as Riot introduced their newest champion Briar with limited in-game interactions with other characters and items.

League of Legends: A World of Unique Champions

League of Legends, a popular multiplayer online battle arena game, offers a remarkable roster of 164 unique champions hailing from the fictional world of Runeterra, each bringing a unique gameplay style, aesthetic, and backstory. Over the recent years, Riot has made efforts to broaden the world of Runeterra, notable among them being the Netflix series Arcane.

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Rising Concerns over In-game Lore Development

However, some players have expressed their concerns over the perceivable decline in the in-game lore development. The latest addition to the roster, Briar, seems to have tipped the balance for these 'lore lovers'.

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Limited Interactions of Briar: The Noxian Jungler

Briar, the newly-introduced Noxian Jungler, has voice-line interactions only with three champions: Sion, Vladimir, and Talon, all hailing from Noxus. This reduced number of interactions has frustrated many players who preferred more diversity with champions from the region.

Changing Dynamics of Character Interaction

Players have also noted that previously, champions would often comment on the items they were buying, champions they would encounter or takedown, and more. However, this dynamic nature of champions seems to be losing traction as Riot’s priorities evolve.

Voice Lines: Quantity Over Quality?

Despite the reduced number of significant voice lines, there is still a good amount being added that don’t contribute much to a champion’s lore.

A Ray of Hope for the Lore Lovers

There's still a chance for new voice lines to be added for Briar, as she is currently available only on the Public Beta. Nevertheless, given the release date is fast approaching, it's unlikely Riot will make significant alterations before her launch.