Korea's T1 Welcomes Rekkles: A Strategic Move for Success

Rekkles, the renowned League of Legends player, talks about his decision to move to T1 in Korea instead of staying in Europe. He discusses his choice of switching roles and how it could advance his career in this insightful interview.

The renowned League of Legends player, Rekkles, recently engaged in an enlightening interview with a Korean news agency, Naver. He opened up about his strategic decision to switch teams - to move from Europe to join T1 in South Korea. He also shared his thoughts on why he believes his role swap to a support player could be his best career decision yet.

Rekkles joining the Challenger team of T1 emerged as a surprising event in the whirlwind of the 2024 League of Legends postseason. While there were various other exceptional movements between Western players and teams planned, like the potential signing of jojopyun by Liiv SANDBOX, Rekkles' transfer was the sole one to materialize.

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This news came as a shock to many within the gaming world. However, Rekkles' shift to T1 now appears justified after hearing him narrate his reasons for moving to South Korea.


In his candid conversation with Kim Yong-woo, a journalist for Daily Esports, Rekkles shed light on his European gaming career and disclosed why he chose to train with T1 over risking a leap with teams from LEC or LFL.

During the course of the interview, a noteworthy revelation was that T1 reached out to Rekkles first. He also admitted that while he was approached by other teams, it was T1 that had caught his attention and kept him captivated right from the start.

Expressing his delight over joining T1, Rekkles shared, 'I was looking forward to it since the time Becker made contact in mid-October. I was also reached out to by other teams around the same time. However, following my conversation with Becker, I felt an irresistible urge to confront the challenge.'

Rekkles justified his decision to train with T1 over staying back in Europe. The importance of T1's reputation in honing the skills of superstar players is evident here. It was not just the training that swayed him; he articulated more faith in the quality and professionalism of T1's Challengers league than any ERL circuit he could have joined.

Rekkles went on to share his concerns about the league's administration and the alarming lack of professionalism portrayed by some teams in the league during his stint with Karmine Corp in 2022.

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His decision to not return to the ERLs partly drew from his past experience, offering insights into his thought process. It seems he might have even chosen T1 over an LEC team, as he is currently in a growth phase, polishing his skills in a new role.

Rekkles confessed that his dream had always been to be part of the T1 team in Korea. Irrespective of his status on the Challengers team, he asserted his value as a support.

Embracing his new journey, he added, 'My dream scenario with this position change is that I wanted to play for T1 in Korea.' Even though he has been a longtime champion player in Europe, he humbly approaches his time with T1 as a beginner.

'I’m older and more experienced than my teammates, but here, I’m the rookie. My experience with the support role has only been for seven months. To enhance my skills, I need to play in the best region and compete against the best teams.'

Rekkles' determination to adapt and learn is evident in his decision to switch roles and teams. He emphasizes the need for players to continuously evolve and adapt to meet the dynamic demands of the game.

This strategic decision made by Rekkles is indicative of his profound understanding of the importance of learning and growth in professional gaming. It also displays his commitment to prioritizing personal improvement over the comfort of familiarity.

In conclusion, Rekkles’ shift to Korea not only reinforces the dynamic and ever-evolving landscape of professional League of Legends but also emphasizes the importance of the openness to embrace change and the courage to make unconventional career decisions.