Disguised’s League Team Disbands After NACL Victory

The successful esports team isn't returning for 2024, as the players pursue broader opportunities.

Disguised's League Lineup Wins NACL but Will Not Be Together for 2024

Disguised’s League lineup not only won the North American Challenger League (NACL), but they also revolutionized the contest with a decisive playoffs run. However, it’s been announced that the team won’t be sticking together for 2024.

Notable Success for Content Creators' Teams

The past year has seen notable success for teams run by content creators. This includes Disguised Toast's organization which found success in League of Legends, contrasting previous fumbles in Valorant. Despite the success, Disguised has faced unique challenges particularly centered around the financial aspect and roster solidification due to the nature of Tier 2 competition in Riot esports.

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Even though the team had established near LoL Championship Series (LCS)-class standing as a 5-man lineup, the team has opted to disband post their victory. According to Toast, this decision is calculated to enhance these players' chances at breaking into the LCS.

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Challenges in Tier 2 Competition

Toast has reportedly discussed the difficulties of managing a team within the Tier 2 ecosystem at length. The developmental nature of this league complicates the maintenance of a team once the season concludes as top players often aspire to advance to LCS.

Momentarily after their win, its players were already trying to determine their next steps. Hence, rather than attempting to retain his players, Disguised has chosen to release them to seek opportunities independently.

Toast reportedly planned to retain these players only until the end of the season, regardless of the final result. He stated that his decision was grounded in wanting each player to 'pursue LCS opportunities freely and without any kind of restrictions' to give them the best chance at turning their win into a career.

Future Plans

'As an NACL team, there is currently no pathway for any DSG players to work their way up to the LCS as long as they remain on the team. We would vouch for each of their work ethics and encourage all LCS teams to give them a trial.', said Toast.

Nevertheless, this doesn't mean the end for Disguised. Toast is planning to invest more heavily in the scene and assemble a brand-new roster for 2024.

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