Comedic Design Inspiration Behind Gangplank’s Ultimate in Upcoming Set 9.5 Revealed

New detailed revelations around the special ability of popular character Gangplank in Teamfight Tactics upcoming Set 9.5 unravel. The Lead Designer unfolded the unusual inspiration behind the character's innovative ultimate.Teamfight Tactics: Horizonbound

The Lead Designer of Teamfight Tactics Announces Gangplank's Unique Power

The Lead Designer of Teamfight Tactics, popularly addressed as Mortdog, announced the humorous origins behind the unique ultimate power of Gangplank, which enables the character to launch a ship at its enemies in the looming Set 9.5.

Mid-set 'Runeterra Reforged' to introduce new territories

With the mid-set 'Runeterra Reforged' soon to be released, Teamfight Tactics: Horizonbound aims at introducing two new territories for players to experience, coupled with novel units, traits, and items for an engaging gameplay. One of these upcoming regions brings the pirate city of Bilgewater to life, featuring under its flag the captain himself, Gangplank, leading the pack.

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Gangplank's Ultimate Ability

Impressively priced at 5 units, Gangplank’s ultimate turns out to be a formidable ship attack that crashes into his enemies. This spectacular attack not only causes extensive damage but also motivates allies in the process. While it has been appreciated by many players for its cool aura, hardly few are aware of its surprisingly ordinary origin source.

Comedic Design Inspiration Behind Gangplank’s Ultimate in Upcoming Set 9.5 Revealed ImageAlt

Exploring deeper into Gangplank's abilities reveal that he can either be positioned as a frontliner or a backliner, enabling him to set enemies aflame as a melee or shoot them at a range respectively. The ultimate of Gangplank involves him bringing in the Dreadway to crash upon his opponents, simultaneously granting a buff to any allies it crosses in its path.

Nautical Inspirations Behind the Dreadway

As unique as it sounds, the idea behind this fascinating ultimate was simply derived from a developer’s passion for nautical activities that paved the way for the inclusion of the ship.

The origin behind the Dreadway was unveiled by the Lead TFT developer Mortdog which draws reference to Set lead Sam who was in the middle of sailing lessons and expressed his desire to incorporate a boat into the game. Mortdog stated, 'The real inspiration is Sam, our set lead was taking sailing lessons. And he was like ‘I want to add a boat.’ That’s the actual story. Sam the set lead, taking sailing lessons, wanted to add a boat.'

Anticipated update: Horizonbound

A much-anticipated update, the set Horizonbound is expected to set sail on Patch 13.18 which is scheduled to release on September 13, 2023.