Cloud9 Gamer EMENES Faces Backlash over Xenophobic Comments Made in Solo Queue

Cloud9 mid laner, EMENES, is facing criticism for allegedly xenophobic comments made in a solo queue game. The team has since responded, stating that they are addressing the issue internally.

Cloud9's mid laner EMENES is under fire over comments he made in a solo queue game, resulting in criticism from fellow League players and content creators. The team at Cloud9 has since responded to the growing criticism surrounding their player.

Jang ‘EMENES’ Min-soo, the controversial player, has had quite a year with Cloud9. Mid way through the spring split, he joined the team and led it to victory only to fail at the tail end of the summer split. His performance as a mid laner has seen highs and lows with exceptional games interspersed with sub par performances.

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Despite the criticisms, EMENES has become a mainstay for Cloud9's mid laner slot and has steadily built up his reputation with consistent on-stage performances. Although past allegations of toxic behaviour cast a shadow over his recruitment, EMENES has grown beyond them during his stint with Cloud9. However, his recent behaviour during a solo queue game has led to yet another controversy.

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Details of the Controversy Surrounding EMENES

EMENES came under criticism for his ‘xenophobic’ comments towards Spear_shot, a Pantheon one-trick streamer. The offensive chat logs shared by EMENES in a Korean solo queue game incited much of the controversy against him. In these chats, he referred to Spear_shot as a ‘disgusting eu streamer’ and told him to ‘go your country plz’. These comments drew criticisms against EMENES for making xenophobic remarks towards others.

Following the uproar, former Cloud9 coach and popular streamer, LS, called out EMENES for his comments saying that they were ‘contradictory’. He pointed out that EMENES, being a native to South Korea, had made a career by playing in other countries.

EMENES's response to the Controversy

In response to the backlash, EMENES defended his comments but also admitted to crossing a line. He proclaimed his respect for LCS and LEC players but criticized ‘one-trick streamers’ who flame entire teams when things are not going their way. While he did apologize to his followers for going overboard with his comments, he stated that no apologies will be extended towards people who break basic rules for their own interest, directly referring to Spear_shot in this case.

Cloud9's stance on the Controversy

In response to the widespread controversy, Cloud9 issued a statement addressing the issue and assuring that the matter is being handled internally. However, they have not clearly defined what action will be taken against their player. The matter is still developing and Riot's action, if any, is also anticipated.