Bjergsen's Farewell: TSM Midlaner Announces Departure After Successful Stint

League of Legends fans saddened by Bjergsen's departure from TSM

In a surprising turn of events, Team SoloMid (TSM) midlaner Søren "Bjergsen" Bjerg has announced his departure from the organization. This decision comes as a shock to the League of Legends community, as Bjergsen has been an integral part of TSM for the past six years.

With a career spanning back to 2013, Bjergsen has achieved incredible success with TSM. Not only has he consistently been one of the top players in the North American region, but he has also helped lead the team through numerous victories in the LCS. Under his leadership, TSM claimed multiple LCS titles and represented North America at international events, including the esteemed World Championships.

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Bjergsen's departure marks the end of an era for TSM. Fans and teammates alike have expressed their sadness and gratitude for his contributions to the team. The Danish midlaner has undoubtedly left a lasting impact on TSM and the League of Legends scene as a whole.


In a heartfelt statement, Bjergsen expressed his reasons for leaving TSM. He emphasized his desire for personal growth and the need to take a step back from competitive play. Despite his departure, Bjergsen assured fans that he will remain involved with TSM as a part-owner and work closely with the organization in the future.

The news has ignited a wave of speculation about Bjergsen's next move. Some fans speculate that he may pursue a coaching or managerial role, utilizing his extensive knowledge and experience in the game. Others believe that he may consider joining another professional team or transitioning into streaming full-time.

TSM will undoubtedly face significant challenges in filling the void left by Bjergsen. As one of the most iconic and successful players in North America, his departure leaves a void that will be hard to fill. TSM will need to carefully consider their options and find a suitable replacement to maintain the team's competitive edge.

While Bjergsen's farewell marks the end of an era, it also ushers in a new chapter for both TSM and Bjergsen himself. As TSM embarks on the search for a new midlaner, fans eagerly anticipate the next stage of their favorite team's journey. As for Bjergsen, his fans continue to support him in his future endeavors, excited to see what lies ahead for this League of Legends legend.