Xbox Game Pass Terminates $1 Trial, Paving the Way for Starfield Launch

The much-popularized Xbox Game Pass $1 trial has reportedly been terminated. This move has occurred just before the highly anticipated launch of the Starfield game.

Xbox Game Pass Reportedly Suspends $1 Trial Period

The Xbox Game Pass has reportedly suspended its $1 trial period. This move is seen as a strategic decision as it happens a few days ahead of the grand launch of the much-awaited Starfield game. The Microsoft-owned Game Pass service has been hailed as a revolutionary platform in the gaming community for its countless game offerings.

For a subscription of just $9.99 per month, Xbox Game Pass subscribers can access a vast library ranging from popular franchises to indie titles. It has been critically acclaimed for its affordability and the diversity of its gaming content. However, the gaming giant offered an even cheaper plan: a $1 trial which has now reportedly been discontinued.

Starfield Fans Anxiously Await Game Release
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The $1 trial, introduced as a promotional effort to attract new subscribers, allowed users to experience the service for an entire month before deciding to opt for the full subscription. The elimination of this trial may potentially affect the inflow of new subscribers. However, according to industry experts, this decision acts in favor of the imminent Starfield launch.

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Anticipation for the Starfield Launch

Starfield, the much-hyped game from Bethesda Game Studios, is soon to be launched on the Xbox platform. As Bethesda Game Studios is now owned by Microsoft, the upcoming Starfield game will only launch on platforms where Game Pass is available. This explains the elaborate planning that precedes the game launch, and the discontinuation of the $1 trial may be a part of it.

Nonetheless, it's still possible for gamers in several countries to grab a 1-month Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription for just $1, where Game Pass for PC and Xbox Live Gold are included. The availability of this offer varies by region and is accessible only to new subscribers. It's worth mentioning that Xbox Game Pass continues to add new games every month, promising an unmatched gaming experience despite the withdrawal of the trial period.

Community Reaction and the Future of Starfield

However, it remains to be seen how the gaming community responds to this change and if this affects the receptivity and success of the Starfield launch. As of now, Microsoft has not released any official statements concerning the discontinuation of the $1 trial.