Top Twitch Streamers Lose Interest in Starfield

Starfield, one of the year's biggest releases, fails to captivate two prominent Twitch streamers, Summit and Asmongold.

Highly-Anticipated Game 'Starfield' Loses Appeal for Top Twitch Streamers

Two of the most prominent streamers on Twitch, Summit and Asmongold, have professed their loss of interest in the highly-anticipated game, 'Starfield', after just a few hours of gameplay. 'Starfield' has been perceived as one of the most significant releases of the year, with the advantageous status of a Bethesda RPG leading the marketing campaign. Expectations rose amidst a year already filled with brilliant titles and epic RPGs.

Reasons for Disappointment

However, both 'Summit' and 'Asmongold' found the game unappealing after playing it for several hours on their respective streams. While they had similar judgments about the game, 'Summit' criticized the game's approach to the initial play hours but noted it was personal criticism, urging viewers to form their own opinions on the game.

Dr Disrespect's reactions to recent negative response concerning Starfield stream
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"My take on Starfield is exactly that: my take on Starfield, you know what I'm saying? Just because I don't like the game doesn't mean you have to dislike the game, or feel like you have to go into a defensive position about your video game. Sorry I didn't like your space game that much, bro. I'm pretty sure I was about to get eight hours into that game completely bored out of my mind without even knowing what was happening. You like whatever the game you want, bro." he commented.

He added, "If the game cannot intrigue me in four-plus hours, it's not doing a good job. Cyberpunk got me in ten minutes! What are you talking about?"

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Asmongold's Take

Asmongold also reinforced this sentiment, saying that he was "probably not the target audience for this game". He expressed ambivalence towards 'Starfield'. While acknowledging some positive points, Asmongold has criticized it for various reasons. He admitted that he enjoyed 'Final Fantasy 16' significantly more. In his initial thoughts, Asmongold mentioned that he "hated doing the story" and felt that the game lacked the 'wow factor' found in previous games like 'Elden Ring'. He did, however, commend the gunplay and combat sequences.

Stay Tuned

Stay tuned for more news and updates on the reception of Starfield.