Starfield's Realistic Physics Hailed after Player's Potato-filled Ship Video Surfaces

A player’s video featuring a Starfield ship loaded with potatoes has drawn attention to the game's impressive physics. Viewers were amused at the realistic presentation of the potatoes spilling out when a ship's door was opened.

Starfield's Release: Embraced for its Universe Exploration and Remarkable Physics

Starfield has finally been released and despite receiving mixed reviews, the game is being enjoyed by many for its exploration of vast universes. The game offers a cornucopia of planets and shipbuilding options allowing for replicas of iconic vessels like the Batwing and the Millennium Falcon. The game also offers a myriad of other potential jokes and Easter eggs for players to discover. However, it's the game's remarkable physics that has just begun to garner attention, particularly due to a video featuring a player and a whopping number of potatoes.

Potato Physics: The New Starfield Sensation

The attention came after a video was shared that showed a player picking up a potato which resulted in them becoming encumbered and a notification suggesting they should let something go. They then opened a hatch on their ship, revealing a space packed with potatoes. Amid laughter, the viewer observes dozens of potatoes tumbling out of the space when the door opens and being realistically pushed around once it shuts, some being forced back into the room and many left outside.

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Viewers were quick to note that Starfield's ability to showcase so many potatoes at once without crashing, and with such realistic physics, was a strong testament to the game's technical prowess. Another player shared their experience of encountering a house of cards in the game. While some issues were noted with NPCs, the consensus was that Starfield's item physics were consistently very impressive.


The Impact of Starfield's Attention to Detail

The shared video and the impressive potato physics left John Linneman of Digital Foundry astounded. Few games, even including many by developer Bethesda, allow players to collect a considerable amount of random items and place them in the game world as smoothly and realistically as seen in Starfield.

Regardless of whether one considers Starfield as the best game of the year or believes it fell short of its lofty promises, no one can deny that Bethesda has put a lot of effort into the finer details of the game. This has a significant impact, making the game world feel more immersive and lived-in for players.