Starfield's Realistic Gameplay Resonates with Players

The newly released Starfield has caught the attention of players with its highly realistic gameplay and character experiences, often mirroring real-life experiences. <a href='' alt='Starfield'>Starfield</a>: An RPG with Realistic Challenges

Among the Latest RPG Releases: Starfield's Rising Appeal Among Players

Among the latest RPG releases, Starfield has continued to gain traction among players as they find joy in their cosmic explorations. Developed by Bethesda, the grand space exploration RPG offers a world ripe with in-game experiences and quests to offer players.

Concerns Over Starfield’s Roleplaying and Simulation Aspects

Despite its immersive size, some players have expressed concerns over the game’s roleplaying and simulation aspects, noting that Starfield’s silent protagonist lacks the expected depth of character along with a limited breadth of possibilities.

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Surprising Similarities with Realistic Experience

Interestingly, others have found protagonist’s backstory options a tad too realistic, often replicating facets of contemporary life that other games tend to overlook. The protagonist’s limitations resemble day-to-day life experiences, such as aging and the accompanying physical discomforts, especially for millennial gamers who resonate with these trivia based on personal experiences.


A player has observed the inclusion of a “joint pain” debuff as potential injuries, which can be incurred when the player takes fall damage leading to problems when crouching. Starfield has thus, in its truest sense, hit too close to home for some players.

Relatable Character Backstories and Traits

Players have also highlighted that choosing certain backgrounds and traits results in an incredibly relatable character grappling with realistic setbacks. The Industrialist background, for instance, has the player being laid off from a corporate job. The Dream Home trait has the player owning a customizable home while shouldering mortgage, and the Kid Stuff trait leaves the player with living parents who receive 2% of credits every in-game week.

Starfield’s Immersion Taken to Another Level

Some players have shared instances where Starfield’s immersion got too real. They've been able to replicate their actual leg injuries by jumping off things in the game. Starfield's roleplaying potential seems to be resonating, albeit negatively, with these players. While the protagonist's potential debts, injuries, and familial obligations are, for some, too much realism in a game, some players have expressed that they could connect to the game better through these aspects.

The Degree of Choice in Starfield vs Baldur’s Gate 3

While some players find the degree of choice in Starfield to be less compared to games like Baldur’s Gate 3, they acknowledge that there’s still ample room for roleplaying in the game. Be it for better or worse, the game’s protagonist's experiences are resonating with players across the globe.

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