Starfield Speedrunner Breaks Record with Completion in Under Three Hours

Splashy news in the gaming world as a speedrunner cracks the game Starfield in less than three hours, setting the fastest completion time. The game, expected to fully launch September 6, is currently available only to owners of the special early access edition.

Anticipated Space Game, Starfield, Experiences Early Speedrun Success

Starfield, the widely anticipated space exploration game, is set to fully launch on September 6, however, a speedrunner with early access has already accomplished an amazing feat by setting the fastest completion time in less than three hours. Starfield, a production of Bethesda, was released in early access on September 1 for those who had purchased the special edition of the game.

Main Campaign Duration

The producer of the game, Todd Howard, went on record saying that the main campaign for Starfield is anticipated to take a player 30-40 hours for an average playthrough. However, with the expanse of the game comprising of countless planets and bountiful content, players have been frequently finding themselves regularly sidetracked. Some players have even criticized the game for taking far too long to get good, while others have simply enjoyed being lost in the expansive universe for hours on end.

Speedrun Achievement: Micrologist

Despite the game’s slow-paced nature, this hasn’t discouraged speedrunners, who have been working on innovative ways to quickly progress through the game. A speedrunner identified as Micrologist has just achieved the fastest main story completion time so far.

Micrologist, a YouTuber, uploaded a video exhibiting his full speedrun, astonishingly completing the main campaign in a staggering 2 hours, 52 minutes, and 42 seconds. He was able to speed through each quest by finding fast ways to accomplish mission tasks and even skipping parts of the gameplay that weren’t necessary to finish each mission.

Speedrun Techniques and Tips

The video offers a lot of tips and tricks for players to follow if they wish to blaze their way through the campaign. However, some instances were either unskippable or still took a fairly long time to complete. As it seems, the best ways and bugs are perhaps not yet discovered.

This speedrun time is the fastest recorded at the time of writing this news article. However, with the game not even reaching full launch yet, it’s very probable that players will continue to break the record.

Challenges Encountered by Other Players

On the other hand, not all players have started the game on such a bright note. Many players have expressed feeling stupid for failing to realize they can fast travel outside of menus in Starfield.