Starfield Receives Mixed Reactions for Its Facial Expressions

Despite the success of Starfield's launch and the game's positive feedback, it faces criticism due to inferior quality facial expressions.

Starfield: Widespread Approval with a Hint of Criticism

The long-awaited launch of Starfield has been met with widespread approval. Celebrated for its space exploration, combat, and storytelling, the game garnered positive reactions from users and critics alike. However, its facial expressions have not been received with the same enthusiasm.

The Launch and Possibilities

For many, the release day seemed like a distant possibility. But with the official launch, players around the world are delving into the game's rich sci-fi ambiance. Its swift surge in popularity even resulted in toppling the reigning champion 'Baldur’s Gate 3' from its position in the gaming charts.

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First Impressions and Criticisms

Early into gameplay, Starfield users are already drawing from Star Wars franchises, crafting extensive Star Destroyers. However, the game isn't without flaws. Several bugs have emerged, including instances of players' aircraft leaving without them. There's also criticism around Starfield’s facial expressions, with one common descriptor being 'ugly blocky faces'.

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Unimproved Facial Animations in Bethesda's Games

Even with decades of RPG gaming under its belt – including The Elder Scrolls and Fallout – Bethesda's community argues the company still hasn't managed to perfect facial animations. Video clips shared by players showcase alarming NPC reactions when characters get too close, leading to a series of sardonic comments from users.

'My character’s eyes look like that sometimes. Like he just did a giant rail of meth and is seeing the other side,' reported one user jokingly. Another player commented, 'Crazy how BGS [Bethesda Game Studios] still hasn’t learned to animate faces.'

Players' Observations

The lack of improvement in the game’s facial animations did not escape the players' notice. One user mentioned that 'These kinds of issues have been in every game they’ve put out for decades.' Another criticism compared the graphics to The Elder Scrolls IV, stating, 'Bethesda returning to their Oblivion roots and making ugly blocky faces possible in 2023.'

Engaging Easter Eggs and the Unfazed Gamers

Despite these criticisms, it's unlikely that this issue will deter many gamers, especially with Bethesda's inclusion of engaging Easter Eggs referencing past games such as Skyrim.