Starfield PR Director Jokes About Publications Requesting PS5 Codes for Microsoft Exclusive Game

In light of the launch of the exclusive Microsoft game, Starfield, the game's PR director, Matt Frary, has humorously revealed that he has received requests from media outlets for PS5 codes, despite the fact the game is not released for PlayStation.<a href= alt=Starfield>Starfield</a> News and Updates

The PR Director of Starfield, a much-anticipated game

The PR Director of Starfield manages the delicate task of handling access codes for the highly sought-after, exclusive Microsoft game. Adding to the experience, some media outlets have humorously attempted to request PS5 codes for the game.

Starfield's early access period: A Mixed Experience

Starfield's early access period has been both explosive and divisive. Some players have found joy in channeling their creativity, creating replicas of their favourite sci-fi starships, while others have expressed frustration at the game's slow start.

The Controversies surrounding Starfield

The game has not been without its critics, with some suggesting that the game's flaws justify its initially controversial scores from various media outlets. Additionally, the pre-release hype was somewhat deflated by viral leaks, which were thought to have resulted from readily accessible review codes.

PS5 Users and Starfield

Interestingly, one group who certainly has no access to Starfield codes are PS5 users. Regardless, this fact has not stopped them from making requests. Matt Frary, Bethesda’s Senior Director of PR, revealed via a tweet that media outlets had nonetheless been asking him for PS5 codes for Starfield.

Starfield's Exclusivity

However, it should be noted that Starfield is not expected to release on PlayStation consoles, a fact that Frary reiterated in his tweet about the game's launch. In a comical interaction with the media, Frary posted, 'Shout out to the small handful of reviewers who requested a PS5 code unironically. I may not have responded, but just know... you made me laugh.'

The exclusivity of Starfield to Xbox and PC has been a point of contention and has sparked fierce debates among gamers, sometimes resulting in 'console wars.' In response to comments about his tweet, Frary clarified his statement, 'This isn’t a console dig, it’s a dig at contacts not checking their work,' expressing the slip-ups by some media outlets for requesting PS5 codes for a game exclusive to Microsoft platforms.

Resources for Starfield Early Access

Meanwhile, Players who are on Xbox and seeking early access to Starfield can find several gameplay guides online. This is accompanied by a wealth of additional resources, such as information about all main story missions, a rundown of all skills, and details of all factions, console commands, and difficulty levels.