Starfield Players Urged to Avoid Fast-Travel for Enriched Gameplay Experiences

Starfield players are missing out on memorable experiences while using the popular fast-travel feature, according to a recent player's observation.

Bethesda's Latest Release: Starfield

In Bethesda's latest game release, Starfield, players who utilise the fast-travel feature might be inadvertently skipping some of the most memorable moments in the game. Fast travel, a contentious feature present in many open-world games, although a time saver, can often deprive players of the chance to come across unexpected moments in gameplay.

Exploring Starfield's Vast Universe

With Starfield's vast universe available for exploration, one player has suggested others abstain from using the fast-travel feature. In an advocate titled, 'Don't use fast travel to teleport from planet to planet', the player explains that the practice of fast-traveling from one planet to another makes players miss some of the best experiences in the game.

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A Player's Perspective

The player shares, “At the start, I was fast-traveling for convenience but was unknowingly missing a lot of the game’s content because of this.” This player has since adjusted their approach to traveling in Starfield, sharing, “If you’re on a planet, go to your ship, get into the cockpit, press take off, then when in space select your destination by pressing X on the controller and allow the cutscene to play and arrive at your destination.

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“Don’t teleport/fast travel directly to the landing point; travel to the planet’s orbit first. Likewise with grav jumps, do it and go through the cutscene.” The player emphasizes that this change in practice, although involving more effort, allows for random encounters in space that have provided some of the best experiences in the game. They caution that fast-traveling could cause players to miss out on many such experiences.

Experiencing Unexpected Encounters

Several Starfield players have already reported encounters with unknown ships and random NPCs while traveling in space. One such encounter included a transmission referencing notorious spam calls with, “We’ve been trying to contact you about your ship’s extended warranty”. Additionally, a cheeky prankster named 'UC Lil Muv' was encountered asking the player for directions to Uranus, only to humorously point out it's right behind them.

Considerations for Starfield Gameplay

With these experiences, it is wise to consider alternatives to fast-travel in Starfield. As the original proponent suggests, “Take your time, and the game will reward you.”