Starfield Players Stunned By Powerful Hidden Buff

Starfield players discovered a powerful in-game buff hidden in plain sight at one of the game's starting locations, causing widespread surprise among the gaming community.

A sizable number of Starfield players were caught by surprise upon learning of a powerful in-game buff hiding in plain sight. This buff can be found at one of the starting locations in the game, thereby enabling players to get a significant boost in the cosmos-themed, open-world RPG.

Powerful Buff Hidden in the Lodge

In Starfield, players are always hunting for hidden treasures and buffs to augment their gameplay experience. The recent revelation of a potent buff was concealed right at one of the game's initial locations, startling many players. A screenshot detailing the location of a Skill Book situated in The Lodge, specifically on the railing where the Artifacts were assembled during the player's first visit, was shared online. The Constellation Guide 01 is the reward which grants players an ability that permanently reduces oxygen consumption by 15% while moving when they are over-encumbered.

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The most astonishing fact about the revelation was that several players, many who had already completed the game, were unaware of the Skill Book until its existence was revealed.

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Astonishing Revelation

The publication of the hidden buff led to numerous players expressing shock for having missed it early in the game. Responses from players differed significantly, with some claiming that the buffs were 'too well hidden in plain sight', to others suggesting perks that would make such magazines glow - a feature found in other games such as Fallout 4.

Several players shared details of their unique encounters with the Constellation Guide #1, which had different effects such as reducing fall damage by 5%. Others proposed that the perks offered were randomized, or at least, some of them were.

Perfect for New Game Plus

Some players cited that these buffs could be carried over into New Game Plus (NG+), rendering them incredibly overpowered. Bethesda is widely recognized for its keen eye to detail, and the discovery of such a hidden Skill Book only amplifies their reputation for depth in game design.

Whether it's a Mark 1 Spacesuit trick allowing players to gain access to top-tier armor early in the game, or small details heightening the game’s immersion, Starfield continues to engage its players with surprise elements.