Starfield Players Request Catalogue Feature to Keep Record of Planetary Discoveries

Starfield users are asking for the addition of a feature to help log and track their space explorations.<a href= alt=Starfield>Starfield</a> Community Calls for Inclusion of Key Feature

The Gaming Community's Request for Starfield

The gaming community of Starfield is requesting for the inclusion of a high quality key feature in the game. They believe this feature will drastically improve the gaming experience. The desired feature is expected to enable players the ability to track and document their planetary discoveries within the game, adding a new layer to the exploration and immersion in this space-faring game.

Starfield is a gem among games due to its massive universe for players to explore. Gamers take pleasure in venturing beyond star systems, making exhilarating discoveries, and charting their path through the stars. However, the game currently doesn't facilitate an easy cataloging of where gamers have been previously. This means in order for players to return to a planet they've visited before, they are required to recall the star system it's located in, where the star system is within the in-game universe, and its exact location within that system.

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Request for Improved Tracking Capabilities

This situation creates a challenge for dedicated gamers who wish to manifest their role of an interstellar cartographer. It makes the gaming experience unnecessarily difficult by forcing players to remember where each planet is located. As a result, players have raised the need for a game modification that will allow a record of the planets they've visited and the resources they acquired there.

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In an online discussion thread about the game, players voiced their concerns about the difficulty in tracking their interstellar discoveries. One passionate gamer pointed out the lack of a way to communicate their planetary findings to the game. Another suggested the addition of a “discoveries” tab, which could house all necessary details about the player's exploration.

Lost Cities and Resources

The absence of a tracking system is causing difficulties beyond resource tracking. Some gamers report losing entire cities that are significant to the game's storyline. This leads to a desperate call for a solution to select and keep track of discovered locations from a list.

The player community hope that Bethesda, the game's creator, will respond to their concerns and introduce a tracking system for in-game discoveries in future updates. Alternatively, the modding community, who continuously work on enhancing the gaming experience, may be able to provide a solution for this high quality game's issue.