Starfield Players Report Unusual Glitch with Asteroids

An unusual glitch in Starfield that turns asteroids into a player's companions is reported by multiple players

Players of Starfield have reported an unusual bug that is turning asteroids into companions that follow their spaceships around, including through loading screens.

In Starfield, an RPG from Bethesda Game Studios, players can recruit companions to offer assistance on their adventures. Whilst a wide range of potential allies have already found favor with the players, some report these secondary characters as not as engaging as those from games such as Skyrim and Fallout 4.

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However, one companion that many players may not have expected to meet is a pet asteroid, sometimes two, trailing behind even the fastest spaceships. This insect, ordinarily a glitch, actually acts as a silent ally to the spaceship.

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Bizarre Starfield bug provides “pet asteroid” to players

A user reported an unusual glitch: “I’ve got a tiny asteroid that’s been following me for the past 30 hours.” The user shared numerous screenshots to back his claim, each illustrating a small asteroid following their ship at different stages in the game. The user added, “Even through loading screens as you can see, it genuinely feels like one of my companions now.”

Many players seem to have encountered this same glitch. Several users responded to the thread with their own similar experiences. Comments such as “I have this too,” and “I have 2 of them haha,” were added to the discussion. Another player commented on how they were unsuccessful in eliminating the bug after trying a few solutions: “Same, I have 3, so annoying. Nothing works, changing ships, restarting game, etc.”

Nevertheless, some players enjoin the glitch, commenting, “BG3 got Asterion, Starfield got Asteroid.” At the moment, there doesn’t seem to be a way to get rid of the problem. Some users suggest it will eventually disappear on its own. Until that happens, players should be comforted by the knowledge that they’re not alone in the cold vacuum of space.