Starfield Players Discover Method to Freely Explore Outer Space

Starfield players on the PC version of the game have found a way to cheat and explore the limitless expanse of space, expanding their game experience beyond the confines of their ships.

Starfield's Universe: A New Frontier of Player Creativity

Starfield promises a vast universe for players to explore, and players have been getting creative in their explorations. Players have engaged in several unique activities, from carefully recreating the most iconic ships from pop culture to playfully stacking ships with mounds of potatoes.

The robust game design of Starfield, along with its intricate systems and physics, continually surprises the players as they experiment and stretch the boundaries of what is possible within the game.

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The Exploration of The Space Beyond Spaceships

Recently, players have found a new and interesting aspect of the game, which is the exploration of space outside of their space crafts. Using console commands, players can now get out of their spaceships and explore the boundless expanse of space.

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This new feature was first discovered and shared by a Reddit user, WeirdConcern4666, who posted a video of themselves floating through space and exploring an asteroid field. The game's mechanics handles this well, allowing the character to float and manoeuvre seamlessly.

Accessing Space Outside Spaceships: A Guide for PC Players

It should be noted, however, that this feature could be enjoyed only by PC players who are willing to bend the rules to further their expeditions. This is mainly because this additional exploration requires the use of console commands.

WeirdConcern4666 also explained how to go about this. Basically, you would need to be in space and in your cockpit (though not sitting on your chair), then you open the console commands and type: 'player.setpos x 10'. Following this, you type: 'setgravityscale 0'. This should let you float freely in space.

To deactivate the commands, you would need to scan your ship to teleport back to it and then type 'setgravityscale 1'.

WeirdConcern4666 is also exploring the possibilities of modding a door that leads to outer space. It will be interesting to see what other modders could do with this development. Perhaps players will be able to propel themselves onto other spaceships and stealthily board and plunder them. The ultimate space pirate fantasy could just be around the corner.

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