Starfield Players Discover How to leave their Ships while in Space

The gaming community has found a way to leave their ships while playing Starfield. This new discovery has led to the creation of several exciting scenarios, adding a fun twist to the gameplay.

Excitement Builds Among Starfield Players

Excitement continues to build among online gamers, who have discovered a new way to leave their ships while in the cosmos in Starfield, the space-faring RPG by Bethesda. This discovery has transformed gameplay, allowing players to push the boundaries of the game's physics engine and create unique scenarios.

Pushing The Boundaries

Since the release of Starfield a few weeks ago, there has been a flurry of activity among the gaming community. The game's imposing systems support player creativity in engaging and dynamic ways, letting gamers recreate ships from popular franchises such as Star Wars and Futurama. Gamers have pushed the physics engine to its limits in creative ways, such as filling their spaceships with potatoes to see how the game handles the additional weight.

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Outside The Spaceship

Last night, gamers discovered how to get into space outside of their spaceship, adding another facet to the gameplay of Starfield. Though not originally designed as a feature, players are now able to explore space independently of their ships.

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In addition to exploring space outside their ship, some players have started to litter the endless expanse of space. In one instance, a player placed hundreds of milk cartons in space and proceeded to swim through their creation, causing mass destruction.

Interestingly, Starfield has managed to handle all these additional activities impeccably, despite not initially being designed for such actions. The sight of hundreds of milk cartons flying around in space has intrigued gamers and added a unique aspect to the game.

As players continue to push the boundaries of Starfield's gameplay, it will be intriguing to see what modders can do to expand on this newfound ability to explore space outside of ships. There are already speculations that this feature could lead to interesting scenarios, like boarding other ships and looking for salvage within wrecks.