Starfield Players Call for Better Lockpicking Rewards

Starfield players have voiced their disappointment over the low rewards for lockpicking, demanding the developers to make changes.

Starfield Players Express Disappointment over Lockpicking Rewards

Players of popular game Starfield have been expressing their disappointment over the rewards from lockpicking. They are calling on the developers, Bethesda, to make adjustments to the rewards system.

The rewarding experience of Starfield's Lockpicking

Lockpicking in Starfield stands out as one of the most satisfying parts of the game. This unique feature has received praise from players for its 'super satisfying' mechanics. Not only does this mini-game differ from other Bethesda games like Skyrim and Fallout, it can also require a considerable amount of time and skill to master. This challenge significantly intensifies when dealing with the game's Master Locks.

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Player Frustration over Lockpicking Rewards

Lately, many players have voiced their frustrations over the lack of loot gained from lockpicking. One player stated, 'Sometimes if I get one that trips me up, I could spend 5+ minutes scratching my head only to get next to nothing in return for my time.'

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Others have noted the disparity between lockpicking and simply finding legendary weapons on racks, the latter requiring no significant investment of time. The lack of rewarding returns feels particularly hard for those who have invested their skills in the Security tree. One player shared the sentiment, 'Putting 3 or 4 entire skill points and investing 5+ minutes trying to figure out a master lock EACH time you do it is disappointing when the rewards are not worthwhile.'

Call to Action for Bethesda

The Starfield community largely believes Bethesda should reconsider the current lockpick rewards. However, until any changes are made, players are advised to tamp down their expectations when tackling those challenging Master Locks.