Starfield Player Wows the Internet with BLT Sandwich-Inspired Spaceship

The Starfield community is buzzing over a player's unique ship design that looks just like a BLT sandwich.

Players of Starfield Showcase Creative Ship-Building Skills

Players of the space exploration game, Starfield, have demonstrated impressive creativity with their ship-building skills. The community is now abuzz over one player's novel design that closely resembles a BLT sandwich.

Community Response

After the player shared an image of their sandwich-inspired ship, the community of Starfield enthusiasts was quick to share their thoughts and creative naming suggestions. Comments ranged from playful names like 'The Panera' to 'Subway Express'.

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Starfield's Ship Customization System

The sandwich-inspired ship represents just one way players are utilizing Starfield's extensive ship customization system. Players have crafted designs limited only by their imaginations, from the sleek design of a spaceship dubbed 'ultimate space Lamborghini' to a perfect recreation of the Planet Express ship.

Starfield Player Wows the Internet with BLT Sandwich-Inspired Spaceship ImageAlt

Not Just A Quirky Design

The BLT sandwich ship holds a unique position within the community not just because of its quirky design, but also for its nod to a Starfield developer’s unique gameplay style. Producer at Bethesda, Jamie Mallory, has previously mentioned her fondness for 'sandwich-stealing space piracy'. This statement became a popular reference amongst Starfield players, and Mallory herself designed a colossal sandwich spaceship known as 'The Griller'.

Express Creativity Through Ship-Building

The ship-building mechanics of Starfield appeal to many players, serving as a platform to express their creativity. The game allows players to recreate iconic ships like the Millennium Falcon from Star Wars or come up with designs that are practically immune to damage. However, owners of these extravagant ships, especially those looking like a delicious sandwich, are humorously cautioned to be careful of Bethesda staffers who might want to add their ship to their collection.