Starfield Player Interrupts Character Speech with Hilarious Grenade Toss

A player in Bethesda's latest RPG Starfield hilariously manages to interrupt a game character's speech with a well-thrown grenade.<a href= alt=Starfield>Starfield</a>: The Latest RPG by Bethesda

Starfield: The Latest RPG by Bethesda

Starfield, the latest RPG developed by Bethesda, officially launched on September 5, with players gaining early access already participating in some unanticipated interactions.

The Unusual Starfield Tutorial Experience

In the Starfield tutorial, players encounter the character Crimson Fleet Captain Brogan, whom they can interact with in various ways, including an option to kill or attempt a conversation. However, one particular player decided to give Captain Brogan only two seconds of speaking time before an exploding grenade heralds the fight.

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The Unexpected Interruption

In a recent episode, labeled 'No Respect for Starfield’s Brogan Tutorial', a video shared on Twitter showed a player interrupting Brogan's dialog. The player, known as AaronBaileyArt, described the interruption as the 'literal funniest thing' he had experienced in the game so far.

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The video showcases pirate Brogan waiting for the player as they emerge from a doorway. Upon sighting three red-suited space-pirates, AaronBaileyArt instantly tosses a grenade towards them. However, as the grenade arches over Brogan's head, a cutscene begins.

Gameplay zooms into Brogan's face as he begins his dialogue. All Brogan manages to say is: 'you gotta be kidding m-' before the grenade detonates mid-speech, making for a comedic turn of events.

What follows the interruption is an immediate gun-down of Brogan by Starfield players, who appears visibly surprised and upset at the interference.

Starfield Reviews and Controversies

While the release of Starfield has given birth to numerous humorous moments like this, several controversial review scores have left players questioning if Starfield qualifies as game-of-the-year material.

Starfield is deemed perhaps the biggest gaming release of 2023 and promises more hilarious interactions like these. Fans are avidly following the unfolding events as they take shape.

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