Starfield Player Discovers Solar Eclipse Mistaking It for a Game Glitch

An unsuspecting Starfield player comes across a surprise in space as what was initially perceived as a glitch turns out to be a rare solar eclipse. The game's impressive attention to detail takes center stage, adding to the acclaim it's received even with its subpar review scores.Astrophysical Detail in <a href= alt=Starfield>Starfield</a>'s Game

Interplanetary Discoveries in Starfield's Game

During an interplanetary journey through the vast space universe of Starfield's game, a player inadvertently documented a rare astronomical event. Misinterpreting a solar eclipse for a game error highlighted the intricate details players can discover in the game.

Starfield's Universe

Starfield, the first new IP game from Bethesda in 25 years, launched in September 2023. Despite some initial lukewarm reviews, the game has received praise for its ability to immerse players in space exploration across more than 1000 planetary systems in custom-built spaceships.

Starfield Players Discover How to leave their Ships while in Space
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Building upon the success of large open-world RPG games like the Elder Scrolls and Fallout, Bethesda seems to have taken 'one giant leap for mankind' with their latest game, creating their most expansive world yet. The RPG space game doesn't skimp on details with not just a plethora of planets but dozens of solar systems waiting to be discovered by players.

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A Lucky Find

One such discovery turned out to be less of a glitch and more of an unexpected solar eclipse for a player navigating through space in their ship. The initial assumption was that the graphics were 'glitching out' when, in fact, they had come across a solar eclipse.

The player discovered the phenomenon when their spaceship hovered in front of an unnamed planet shadowed by a nearby celestial body. This exciting occurrence prompted responses from other players with one commenting, 'Oh man, I had no idea that could happen. That's awesome.' Another noted how the orbits are one of many remarkable game details that might not get noticed by most players.

Unveiling Space History

Starfield players have a wealth of space exploration history to uncover in the detailed universe of the game, including locating the final resting site of the historical Opportunity rover when landing on Mars. This kind of immersive experience has helped Starfield retain its player-engagement, even amidst its initial mediocre review scores.