Starfield Player Builds Nearly Indestructible Ship

A surprisingly creative Starfield player has ingeniously built a ship that’s primarily impervious to harm.

The Well-Awaited Launch of Starfield

The well-awaited full launch of Starfield has commenced, catching the eyes of players, steamers and other game developers. The immersive role-playing game, despite having received mixed early reviews from some notable streamers, has garnered considerable approval from players and developers alike.

Player Adoration for Starfield’s Ship Builder

A significant area where players have found an outlet to express their adoration for Starfield is through the game's ship builder. From the imaginative construction of Batwings to Star Destroyers, many creative endeavors have been showcased.

Starfield Player Wows the Internet with BLT Sandwich-Inspired Spaceship
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The Intriguing Frankenstein-ish Construction

However, one particular creation stands out owing to its incredible functionality over aesthetic appeal. A player has unveiled a Frankenstein-ish construction, which thanks to ingenious application of math and manipulation of game mechanics, is nearly invincible.

Starfield Player Builds Nearly Indestructible Ship ImageAlt

The Ingeniously Designed 'Fat L'

This player unveiled their ingeniously designed ship tagged 'The Fat L'. This particular ship takes advantage of enemy AI in Starfield to deflect most attacks. The properties of this ship lay on how the orientation of ships in Starfield works, primarily focusing on a midpoint, the section furthest from the X, Y, Z axis in the ship-builder interface. Enemy ships specifically target this midpoint, but 'The Fat L' misleads this targeting due to its asymmetrical design.

Ingenious Application and Results

This results in the game erroneously calculating the midpoint of the ship to be in empty space. Consequently, when enemy ships target 'The Fat L', the majority of their on-target shots never land, with the only real danger being stray shots. This implies that the closer this ship gets to the enemy, the more they miss.

Such an invention aptly justifies its creator being hailed as a ‘genius’. Various users in the thread were impressed by the thoughtfulness of this build, with one even calling the creator 'wise in the ways of science'.

Invitation for Further Exploration

If this revelation has whet your appetite for in-game shenanigans, other inventive strategies await discovery, such as the secret to infinite credits in Starfield.