Starfield Gamers Leave Spaceships to Litter the Cosmos

Starfield players are now stepping out of their spaceships in space and littering unnaturally with interesting outcomes.

The Starfield Community's Creativity

The gaming community of Starfield is now beaming with excitement as they've figured out a way to exit their spaceships in space. However, it seems they have started to leave behind interesting pieces of trash in space while enjoying this new experiment.

Since Starfield released a few weeks ago, gamers have been showcasing incredible creativity. Their space exploration has been backed by Bethesda’s space-faring RPG’s robust systems that offer players endless opportunities for inventive fun.

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Innovative Approaches

From recreating ships from Star Wars and Futurama to pushing the boundaries of the physics engine with innovations like filling spaceships with potatoes, Starfield players have truly exhibited wide-ranging creativity.

Starfield Gamers Leave Spaceships to Litter the Cosmos ImageAlt

Players have also demonstrated how to enter space while exiting their spaceships. This mesmerizing process elegantly handled by Starfield is intriguing since it wasn't initially designed to support such functionality. However, gamers have enjoyed this experience to the fullest. It could serve as an amusing reminder of how a new frontier is swiftly seized and then littered by outward-bound humans.

Space_Scumbag's Unique Contribution

In a recent update, a player by the name Space_Scumbag set up a track of hundreds of milk cartons in space. Not different than a beautiful sand castle, the player then simulated swimming through and collapsing their brilliantly created masterpiece.

This might result in littering the vast expanse of space, but surprisingly, watching this odd scene is captivating. Considering Starfield was not initially designed to support free space exploration of this kind, it's indeed doing a commendable job. The sight of hundreds of milk cartons revolving in the space is oddly satisfying.

There's a fair amount of curiosity surrounding the possibility of modders expanding on this space traversal outside the space vessel. If it materializes, it could pave the way for very intriguing scenarios, like boarding others' ships and exploring wrecks for salvage.