Starfield Gamers Advocate for Inclusion of Space Pets

Players of the popular 2023 game Starfield are pushing for space pets to be included in the gaming universe, voicing dissatisfaction over the lack of furry companions.

Within the Starfield gameplay community, a common grievance has emerged regarding the absence of furry companions. These space explorers are requesting that Bethesda incorporate space pets to accompany them on their celestial adventures.

Starfield Release and Reception

Debuted on September 6th as one of the most content-heavy games of 2023, Starfield was swiftly identified as a potential contender for a GOTY award. The game was praised for its multiple storylines and diverse NPC interactions, but players expressed disappointment over the inability to share their galactic experiences with a pet.

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Desire for Space Pets

One player pointed out their disbelief that 'not a single animal' was brought in the game setting when humans ventured into space. The most missed animal companions were dogs and cats according to the player. However, they also suggested the inclusion of smaller creatures like rats, propositioning that such critters would have likely smuggled their way onto the spaceships when humans left Earth.

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Constructive Ideas from the Players

The player base was so dedicated to the idea of space pets that one player even began proposing a questline for the game developers. The concept involved some form of an ark, either a spacecraft or a place on Earth, containing genetic samples of earthly animals. Upon completion of a specific quest, these animals can be cloned by the players.

This notion was so well-received that the gaming community began to devise real-world parallels involving the Svalbard Global Seed Vault in Norway. This 'Doomsday Vault' stores all known agricultural seeds for safekeeping. The Starfield community imagines that their game could contain a similar vault but for Earth's animals.

Further Expectations

Starfield utilizes a persuasion mechanic, facilitating unpredictable interactions with Non-player Characters (NPCs). While this feature has been popular among fans, players are hoping they can use this persuasion skill to entice Bethesda to add space puppies as potential companions for their galactic voyages.