Starfield Game and Its Scale Debate

Discussion about the seemingly misrepresented scale of cities in the Starfield game which to some players, feels more akin to villages rather than large cosmopolitan areas.

A subject of heated debate among Starfield players is the portrayal of cities in the game. The size and scale of these in-game cities are under scrutiny, with some players feeling that the cities resemble villages more than they do large, bustling metropolises.

The Starfield game, developed by Bethesda Softworks, presents a broad, expansive universe for players to explore. The vast reaches of space and the seemingly limitless horizons of many planets provide countless hours of exploration. There is a feeling of endless adventure as one navigates from one planet to another.

Starfield: A Cosmic Journey
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Despite the large amount of content available to explore, many players have aired their dissatisfaction. Their main concern is that while there are many planets to visit, the rewards and incentives to do so lean on the scant side. It seems that finding pirate hideouts or abandoned settlements aren’t enough to keep the explorers motivated.

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Nevertheless, the game is not without its redeeming features. There are certain areas in the game that are curated with an eye for detail. Key locations like New Atlantis serve as hubs for side quests and are integral to the storyline. These locations are rich in detail and activity, providing a more rounded gaming experience.

Yet, notwithstanding these details, there’s a growing sentiment among players regarding the scale, or lack thereof, in these key areas. Even in places that should be bustling with life and activities, the scale appears small. So small that some players are voicing doubts about these places being considered as cities within the game.

Is the Scale in Starfield Cities Too Small?

Distilling the concerns of the gaming community, one player points out that the game’s settlements do not truly feel like cities. The settlements, they argue, are on such a minute scale that they can’t be considered as cities. By referring to a Wikipedia page about the population of settlements, the player compared the density of these settlements with that of villages.

To upset the proverb was another assertion that raised questions about the number of cities and towns given the scope of the colonized space in the game. It was pointed out that each inhabited planet, key planets even, have a minimal number number of settlements. This was seen to detract from the believability of the game.

In counter to these arguments, a different perspective was offered. One player challenged the common belief by contending that these cities are supposed to be a scaled down version of a much larger area. They compared it to the city of Whiterun from Skyrim where, despite the seemingly small population, the city felt like a center of trade.

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Different still was the viewpoint that even though the cities in Starfield felt smaller, other games have managed to make these areas feel bigger by utilising various tricks. A case in point was given of Mass Effect, where despite being limited in the exploration of cities, they still felt significantly larger.

Irrespective of the reasons, most players agree that there’s an element of strangeness around the cities. It may be an issue of actual scale, or perhaps just the perception of scale. It is hoped that if Bethesda decides to develop a sequel to Starfield, it can breathe more life into these settlements to make them feel as they should—inhabited and filled with activities.