Starfield Gains Excitement with Custom X-Wing Spacecraft

Starfield enthusiasts have built an operational X-Wing starfighter, amidst other creative spacecraft in the game, gaining attention and excitement within the gaming community. <a href= alt=Starfield>Starfield</a> and its Galactic Adventures

Starfield: A Galactic Adventure

The Rise of Starfield

Undoubtedly, Starfield was expected to interlace with various sci-fi communities, and the latest interest drawn from them is a fully operational X-Wing starfighter that players can utilise to gallivant the galaxy. The somewhat tepid reception of Starfield is rapidly warming up as players dive further into the galactic adventure. In fact, the game's popularity has even landed it a top spot on Twitch before its full release. Surely, players are falling head over heels for the game's systems and the chance for galactic exploration it provides.

Ship-building and the Gaming Community

The ship-building feature of the game has captivated the hardcore players who are utilising it to create remarkable builds. Striking embodiments from the Star Wars franchise, including incredible recreations of the Millenium Falcon and a Star Destroyer, are getting significant attention from the gaming community.

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A user made an extraordinary effort in mimicking the fan-favorite X-Wing. Though it is slightly larger than its Star Wars counterpart due to game’s limitations, it has been accepted amidst favorable comments, mostly because where else are you going to fit all those sandwiches?

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The X-Wing in Starfield

The creator of the much-loved X-Wing in Starfield unveiled their creation amidst waves of commendation from the gaming community. Despite not being a 1:1 of the X-Wing due to game’s limitations, its third-person view gives players a feeling of a real Rebel. However, this starship doesn’t cost so much to construct. The creator shared that it costs about “50,000-60,000 credits.”

Community Sharing and Future Possibilities

Many users in the Starfield community have lamented over the lack of a share feature for the game's shipbuilder. However, this didn't hinder the benevolent soul of the creator who published a complete parts breakdown and a tutorial on constructing the X-Wing on their YouTube channel.

Starfield's shipbuilder has already seen tons of creative projects from the gaming community and it’s exciting to imagine what the community, which is just a fraction of its potential size, will recreate following the full release of Starfield scheduled for September 6.

Guides for Starfield

For those who already got their hands on Starfield or those anticipating a quick start on the launch, there are available guides to aid on the adventure. These guides include all main story missions, skills, factions, console commands, difficulty levels explained, achievements, skill books, level cap, and many more.