Starfield Fans Invade Game with Todd Howard Paintings

A modder in the gaming community has endeavored to replace every painting present in Bethesda's Starfield with various images of the game’s director, Todd Howard.<a href= alt=Starfield>Starfield</a> Game Modification

Starfield Release Sparks Joyous Modifications in Gaming Community

It has been a mere week since the release of Starfield, and the gaming community is already gleefully modifying the game in myriad ways - a trend that Bethesda games historically trigger.

Fan Modifications: From Achievements to Improved User Interfaces

From eliminating features that inhibit mod-users from attaining game achievements, to refining the user interface, the diversity of alterations and improvements are impressive and abundant.

Starfield's Pet Rock Bug Finally Squashed
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Modifications for Pure Amusement: Todd Howard Takes Center Stage

While quite a number of modifications are designed to improve game mechanics, there exist a plethora of mods created purely for amusement. One such mod exchanges the position of art pieces in the game with portraits of the game's director and executive producer, Todd Howard.

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'Todd Howard Painting Replacer' - A Comical Mod by Ronaldmoon

The 'Todd Howard Painting Replacer' is an amusing mod created by ronaldomoon and released on Nexus Mods. The mod is designed to substitute art pieces in the Constellation Lodge, with various photographs of Todd Howard. The mod offers a wide array of designs. Some are simple photos of Howard, others portray him in pre-existing art pieces or before notable landmarks, with the majority of images edited to bear resemblance to legitimate paintings.

Expansion Plans for the Todd Howard Paintings

Ongoing plans have been unveiled to expand this mod. While it currently applies to the Lodge, there's an intention to gradually substitute all art pieces within the game with other versions of 'TODD'.

A Tradition of Todd Howards' Incorporation

Notably, it is not the first time Todd Howard has been incorporated into one of his games. For instance, popular mods in Fallout 4 have included a statue of Howard depicted as a general, and a TV idle screen showcasing an image of Howard portrayed as a divine figure.

Todd Howard Infusion: Not Just for Modders

Even those that do not use mods can participate in the Todd Howard infusion trend. Starfield players have recreated Todd Howard's image using the game's character creator. Moreover, the in-game robotic companion, Vasco, is even capable of recognizing and pronouncing his name.