Starfield Devs Considered Using Fallout 4’s Version of Earth

Todd Howard, the lead of Bethesda, revealed that the developers of Starfield once considered using the wasteland version of Earth from Fallout 4.Gaming Worlds Collide: Bethesda's <a href= alt=Starfield>Starfield</a> and Fallout 4

Starfield: A Tale of Two Different Earths

In an intriguing revelation, Todd Howard, Bethesda's gaming lead, revealed that the developers of Starfield once ruminated over utilising Earth's wasteland version from their successful game, Fallout 4. However, like many gaming ideas, this did not make it to the final production phase of the high quality game.

A Wasteland Earth

The Earth portrayed in Starfield deviates significantly from our known blue planet, having been reduced to an inhospitable wasteland over a century prior to the events encompassed in the game. As a result, humans in this gaming universe have a higher propensity to thrive amongst the stars, showcasing the harsh conditions on the planet. Despite the dire situation, gaming enthusiasts can still visit certain high quality, recreated, landmarks such as the Pyramids in Cairo and the Empire State Building in New York in their quest for game progression.

Starfield: A Story of Craft and Adventure
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Fallout 4's Earth Almost Featured in Starfield

In a revealing discussion with The Washington Post, the game director of Starfield, Todd Howard, shared that the game's Earth could have showcased elements of another popular Bethesda game, Fallout 4. According to him, the gaming developers had given serious thought to recycling the Earth from Fallout 4, thereby creating a fusion of both Bethesda games, an idea referred to as the 'Bethesdaverse'. Even so, these plans were not incorporated into the final version of the game.

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Set in a gaming timeline a few decades after Fallout 4, merging the two games could have posed significant continuity confusion, given the fact that humans were still populating Earth in Fallout 4, whereas, in Starfield, Earth had eventually become uninhabitable.

A Worthwhile Visit

Despite its largely uninhabited and barren state, Earth in Starfield still holds significant attraction for many gaming enthusiasts. Not only does it offer players glimpse into long-standing landmarks, it also houses numerous high quality game collectibles and explorable caves, adding to the thrill and excitement of the game.