Starfield Becomes Most Popular Game on Twitch During Early Access Weekend

Bethesda’s newest Game of the Year contender, Starfield, has taken the Twitch platform by storm during its early access weekend, already becoming the platform’s most popular game.

Starfield: The New Contender for Game of The Year

Starfield, a potential contender for game of the year, hit the market for early access on September 1, managing to climb the popularity charts to claim the title of the most viewed game on Twitch during its early access weekend.

The Hype Around Starfield

The hype around Starfield has been mounting all year, as the game boasts an expansive universe for players to explore. Despite the official launch date slated for September 6, early access was made available to those who purchased premium or constellation editions of Starfield on September 1st.

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Starfield's Record-breaking Early Access

The interest in the game was astounding, with Starfield quickly topping the Twitch ranks just three days after early access was initiated. The game received overwhelming viewership, outperforming other popular titles that had been situated at the top for years.

Starfield Becomes Most Popular Game on Twitch During Early Access Weekend ImageAlt

During the opening three days of early access, Starfield was viewed for over 14.1 million hours, reaching a peak viewership of over 440,000, according to Twitch stats tracker SullyGnome. This was considerably higher than both GTA V, which had just shy of 10 million hours viewed, and League of Legends, which recorded 9.2 million hours, making them the second and third most viewed for the weekend, respectively.

The Only Rival: 'Just Chatting'

The only category on Twitch that outperformed Starfield in the rankings was 'Just Chatting', which has maintained a consistent presence at the top of the viewership standings for several years. Notably, prominent Starfield streams came from shroud, who accumulated over 1.1 million hours viewed, CohhCarnage, and Asmongold on his alias account, zackrawrr.

What To Expect After Official Launch?

While it remains uncertain whether Starfield's massive viewership will persist into its full release, it is expected to remain high on the charts following its official launch on September 6.