Star Wars Star Destroyer Crafted in New Starfield Game

A Star Wars enthusiast brings the iconic franchise to Bethseda's Starfield with an intricate Star Destroyer build.

Star Wars Enters the Starfield Universe

Star Wars has entered the realm of the recent Starfield game with the introduction of a custom-built Star Destroyer ship. Due to the in-depth scope of Starfield, customization plays a major role in shaping the player's experience. Much like earlier Bethesda releases, a character creator is present, enabling gamers to bring their own persona to the virtual universe.

Starfield Ship Builder: A Spacecraft Dream

Furthermore, Starfield players can essentially construct their dream spacecraft using the game's unique ship builder. With the freedom for creativity, many recognized ships from various franchises are anticipated to make their appearance in Starfield. The first on the scene is an iconic Star Destroyer, created by a Star Wars aficionado.

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The Unveiling of the Star Destroyer

Content creator SpecteX Gaming was among the initial players to display their custom builds when the Starfield embargo was lifted on August 31. The unveil on TikTok showcased a 'fully operational mini Star Destroyer.' Given the limitations on the size of custom ships in the game, creating a to-scale Star Destroyer would not be feasible. However, this did not prevent the creator from fashioning a reduced version that retains its intimidating stature.

Star Wars Star Destroyer Crafted in New Starfield Game ImageAlt

Limited by Reality, Not Creativity

Regrettably, the same restrictions apply to the interior of the ship, so a full Star Wars recreation is unrealistic. Yet, the sheer magnitude of this ship will have you struggling to find a more menacing spacecraft in the galaxy.

The Star Destroyer admirably captures the essence of the original, from its hull placement to its boosters, and everything in between. And it is not the only Star Wars creation SpecteX Gaming has invested their time in designing; the Millennium Falcon was also high on their to-do list.

The Excitement of the Future

With Starfield in its early days of release, and the prospect of more iconic ships being crafted with the game's custom builder, anticipation is high. There is much excitement to see what Starfield players, drawing inspiration from other franchises, will bring to digital life next.